Reduced turnover, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, as many benefits put forward by companies that manage to retain their employees.There is no turnkey solution, but a wide range of possibilities. Proof with the four SMEs.

It provides the growing skills of its employees,publisher of games on social networks, building on its human capital of men and women involved upon arrival in the company.An essential investment in this high-growth SMEs: 40 employees in 2010, a figure that has doubled a year later. Managers pay attention to the integration of new recruits, whose arrival is announced in a monthly newsletter.

Foundation Relation

Every Friday morning, all employees participate in a plenary lecture, discuss topics such as “philosophy in the service of innovation,an open mind to creativity. Training is also a strong strategic focus: 2% of payroll are spent in 2010.As part of our growth, it is important to structure the teams and the talent to change by supporting them in their decision responsibilities .The prospects are real. Result: the turnover is quite low, despite the industry and the average age of employees (32 years).

it builds on employee savings

The company manufacturers support the pastry and spices introduced an incentive system,with a savings plan business.The entrepreneur develops an improved device which runs over three years.

Four performance criteria are taken into account in assessing employees and trigger a bonus for distribution, which can be up to 55 000 euros.for example, in the third year.out-of-delivery (affecting the quality of service) should not exceed 1% of annual turnover and the number of claims must be less than one per million consumer units sold.

To receive these bonuses, employees must be permanent and have a minimum of three months seniority in the company.One third of the profit is distributed in proportion to the gross salary (excluding bonuses exceptional), and the remaining two thirds are divided into work time.The money can then be placed on the IEP and Perco.

It gives employees a gym

In order to maintain the motivation of their hundred employees, and directors of Fed decided to create a gym, they have installed in the basement of their building.The values ​​conveyed through sport are similar to those of the company: team spirit and competition requirements, achievement, involvement.To carry out this work for a period of three weeks, Group Fed addressed The Corporate Gym, a company specializing in the development of sports facilities for businesses. Teachers can move external demand, to give lessons.Our employees can unwind and be more efficient once the office,energy in the consulting profession is essential to success. An asset unstoppable also for recruitment.