Increasingly, companies that incorporate the Emotional Marketing strategies to optimize their benefits. What is it?

The most accurate bullets directly to my heart. That which appeals to the emotions and make a difference to the perception. Important tool in any promotion coherent, realistic.
Increasingly used, each time more profitable. Used by well positioned brands that do not hesitate to shoot the feelings of his target. Coca-Cola served as a precedent, other large followed, not always with much success.The success of the strategy is the essence of marketing. In correctly detect people’s real needs and create effective solutions.


Emotional Marketing Example

Coca-Cola light in the year 2007 gave away a fully furnished apartment in Madrid, particularly in the area of ​​Las Ventas. In a hostile environment full of obstacles where housing is made with a loaded overexertion of mortgages and loans, motivate with a place to live is the greatest possible incentives in the consumer’s mind.

It was a lot of media coverage strategy, whose return was more than positive.
Consequences for the company.Not only ensures the success of the campaign, going much further. Clearly affects positioning of the company and will be a reference for future consumer.

A sale does not end with the purchase or acquisition of a particular product. Today’s consumer, more and more demanding, more updated, more sensitized to the problems you experience first-hand touch, you need to be sure of success in your purchase. Is immersed in a continuous process of comparison and is in the process which underpins the success of Emotional Marketing. Get appeal to their feelings will increase the sense of belonging to the brand and help to ensure so, the relationship with the product. A pro-active relationship where the client needs to be part of the project to trust him and continue to grow with the product.

From a position of equals in which the employer puts in place the other and only from there, is able to design appropriate strategies to the changing needs in an increasingly competitive environment, where information overload is to the agenda.It is vital to limit the market and clearly differentiate the strategy used in each campaign, in each project to ensure the effectiveness of it. Just delving into the depths of the clients, they manage to create feelings and grow well in the market in the different life cycles of products and services.

Failure of Ryanair

The Irish company, offered free tickets in Barcelona Spanish ability to submit those banners against another company, Iberia. They got out of hand. Such was the failure to the marketing director was forced to get out, escorted by the police.

In times of crisis

In periods of economic downturn like the present, Marketing Emotional well used, can become the best ally of the brand but any small mistake in planning can lead to more dismal failure, and therefore will be affected the positioning of the mark.

Keys to avoid failure

Create marketing actions

* Consistent

* Achievable,

* Affordable

* You can never offer what can not be given.

* A correct communication In a timely manner, makes the objectives clear at all times before, during and after the marketing activities.

Positive experiences do not always go well, although in times of crisis, where more is the mother of invention, and where else is there to tell the consumer to remain in the market, even to grow in it efficiently.