Nowadays, even if you do not have great knowledge and expertise in the programming of websites, you can open an online store, without spending a single euro: Blomming is a free online service truly exceptional, fully in Italian and guarantees of all truly open virtual stores where you are free to sell any goods (in the case of this guide, electronics!). Very intuitive and easy to use, also allows you to put your store into your blog, website or page Facebook .

On the next page you have to fill the form with your personal data (in order: username, password, e-mail etc.) And then click on create my shop to create your personal account. At this point you’ve already activated your shop online and you can easily start selling your products.


Click on “upload the first” and fill in the dialog that opens, entering details of the object that you are going to sell (hence the title, description, photos, price, etc.). After filling all the fields in the form, click on “Create” and wait for the loading, after viewing a preview, confirmation. Now nothing remains but to repeat for all other products and want to sell (I recommend, more details will post more easy for the customer to buy!).

If you want to increase your chances of selling you need to advertise your shop using your Facebook page or your blog / personal site. If you advertise through the most popular social network in the world, just click on the “Facebook” link at the top right and follow the instructions. If, however, you prefer to advertise one or more items for sale in a blog and have to connect to the inner panel of your store, select the item or items and click “embed” (found on the product image!) obtaining a code to enter later on any blog or website.