What steps do I need in Mexico to start using CFDI during 2011.

The proceedings before the SAT (Tax Administration Service) deeply explained, based on what was published in the Official Journal of the Federation and the Tax Code. Using electronic billing or CFDI, is using digital files, thereby replacing the bills printed. It is also their accounts, electronic, valid before the SAT and under certain conditions or procedures required.

Affects many families in Mexico Electronic Invoicing

From January 2011, all economic transactions in Mexico, which involves issuing the invoice document, will be affected.

Article Electronic Invoicing a reality in six months by the CPC, Lauro E. Arias Blanco, said that “for all taxpayers is mandatory Mexican electronic invoicing in higher amounts to 2,000.00 pesos. The taxpayer has the option of issuing bills from the SAT website or through any authorized provider by the SAT. ” In case you have already printed bills to start the year, in that case, use the final finishing, move into the new regime.

The new procedures of the bill in detail in Mexico

All procedures will be mentioned in SAT offices in Mexico unless mentioned elsewhere. In implementing the use of electronic billing , could form two groups for the explanation of the procedures to be carried out.


* With over four million perceptions.
* And with perceptions at or below four million.

Explanations of group perceptions over four million

Relative to the first group and according to Article 29 of the Federal Tax Code, DOF reform December 7, 2009, the requirements and procedures are as follows. If you earn more than four million pesos a year.

* He is obliged to use the CFDI (Electronic Invoice), starting in 2011,
* If you have already printed with invoices folio, initiated the use of electronic billing after using the last folio.
* You must reserve your electronic signature “your signature” which is having its certificate of FIEL (Advanced Electronic Signature)
* You can hire the services of approved suppliers CAP certification, they would take care of the whole process, but if not.

Explanations of group perceptions at or below four million

Relative to the second group is taken as stated in the Official Journal of the Federation, Chapter, First resolution of amendments to the Fiscal Resolution 2010 and its annexes 1-A and 20 , dated Tuesday, September 14 2010, with these requirements: If incomes of less than four million dollars a year.

* First of all, if you have bills and printed with your folio, until you need to start printing more.
* You are not required to use the CFDI, you can still print invoices during 2011, but several requirements that did not exist, which are as follows.
* You must have an electronic signature “your signature” which is having its certificate of FIEL (Advanced Electronic Signatures).
* You must ask your folios to SAT, as follows and only if it meets the conditions listed below: Only taxpayers who conduct business in an amount not to exceed 2,000.00, and the taxpayers who choose to issue tax receipts printed, as established in Chapter I. rule. of tax receipts in the amendment to the Fiscal cited above. Following indispensably the following requirements:

* Login via the website of the SAT to SICOFI providing its key RFC and the FIEL CIECF or force.
* Report the range of pages and number if requested.
* Select the type of tax receipt to be used in the folios.
* Sign the allocation request pages with the taxpayer’s current issuer FIEL.