If you would like to complete a part-time high cost training may apply to the Bank for continuing education credit.

Employees who wish to attend part-time (evenings, weekends, or in a multi-week full time course) is a continuing need, usually with high expected costs. These are only in exceptional cases, in full or partially taken over by the employer. And even if the training is directly related to the work performed by the employee (for example, language courses, computer courses, training sessions, which are necessary for the work). The employer will pay the full amount generally only when he has arranged the training. The cost of a voluntary training, the employee must pay for themselves. For employees, the training is not able to pay out of pocket, it is possible to take a continuing education credit. Banks are generally willing to grant a continuing education loans, these are but a promising investment. After all, there is the possibility that beckons to the successful completion of training, a job with higher pay.


Conditions for continuing education credit

Even if the banks are generally willing to award an education loan, applicants must meet certain conditions to fulfill. These include a detectable permanent employment, regular salary or wages and a positive Schufa workers who receive no credit at their bank for a further can contact under certain conditions of the KfW banking group. These awards support loans, but these are not suitable for any professional training. Read more in the next section. Find out which banks are usually awarded continuing education credit, there are here .

Continuing education credit from the KfW Banking Group

KfW Banking Group, based in Frankfurt offers various programs, including low-interest loans for education, such as the master-student loans. The borrower gets a loan to a maximum of 10 266 here and a grant of € 30.5% of the cost of the course and examination fees. Funding is only measures which aim at a degree of industrial and craftsman, certified business administrator or professional trader. Detailed information about continuing education credits, the KfW Banking Group issued on its website.

Continuing education credits from the public banks

Resurrection of the KfW banking group assigned mainly savings banks and low interest educational loans. A student loan can apply for workers who are denied due to excessive income is entitled to an award certificate. A premium of 500 € voucher received unmarried employees whose gross annual income is below € 25,600. For married employees, the gross income limit is twice (51,200 €). Upon further education loans does not matter the level of income and the creditworthiness of the applicant is of secondary importance.

Please note: Even if the credit does not matter, but a Schufa information is being requested. Are records available, even a credit where the credit is secondary, not awarded.