Many of Hartz IV recipients to earn something to relax by the German railway customers.

Hard to believe, but it works. There are actually more people who use certain benefits of the web in order to earn something. One only has to the money in a monthly ticket for a busy route to invest in the DB such as the Hamburg-Berlin.

A case study of black professional driving

Henrik, an unemployed pastry chef from Berlin-Kreuzberg, who lives on welfare earns about 2,500 euros a month, by making the DB competition. A great merit, especially when you consider that this income he still set the Hartz IV, unabridged and in addition also receives no tax and social security must pay from his earnings. The only investment that he must make is to buy a monthly pass in the value of 625 € for the Hamburg-Berlin line. On Saturdays, the owner must take charge of a monthly ticket up to four people. Actually wanted the German Railways reward loyalty bonus with this car and driver must have thought with this bonus even more because of commuters easier for families to finance the weekend.


Henrik uses the bonus of German railway for his illegal business. He sold the vacant places on his monthly ticket for a seat in the ICE for 20 €. A customer must pay for the ticket with the ICE route Berlin-Hamburg for the regular one-way ticket € 73. He travels with Henrik, saves the customer car 53 euros. So is Henrik’s business, even if it’s illegal, pretty good. At best, Henrik gets an easy ride for 80 €, 640 € every Saturday and it comes at about 2500 € per month. In some months with five Saturdays Henrik even comes to a credit of 3,000 €. Extrapolated to the year, Henrik gets its revenue from business illegality 30,000 €, which corresponds approximately to the average salary of a clerk.

The competition never sleeps

Henrik himself is aware of 15 competitors who operate the same illegal business on the same route as him. Many are already under the protection required by Henrik fare of 20 €. Some of its competitors charge for the Hamburg-Berlin line only 8 € instead of 20 €. Henrik therefore attempted to bind the customer to be by them promised to provide more security from detection by the guard, as it pays better than his colleagues on the composition of the group. He also distributed candy bars to kids now its passengers shortly after departure. In the future, Henrik wants to enforce against its competitors by only regulars with it.

The reaction of German railway

For the German Rail’s business Henrik will clearly fraud. However, she tries to ignore the problem and it seems the real dimensions of these illegal activities is not to capture some of its customers. Cases such as Henrik regarded as the German Railways, individual criminal cases. “Here go the DB alone lost by Henrik illegal business income of about 100 000 € a year.