Times have changed even with the craftsmen and one of them has seen six decades. Well he got the diamond master’s certificate.

That has never happened before a master craftsman Remscheid got the Diamond Master Craftsman. Recently, the Luttringhauser shoemaker Walter Abel, this special award given to the local Kreishandwerkerschaft become. 60 years ago, he put on a quarterly course in Gottingen from the master’s examination and began a year later independently. His shop now operates the 87-year-old but still. What is more, he is very physically fit and light on the stairs of the shop is running high in the store.

With strong competition made independently

When he took the plunge into self-employment, there were still 19 other parish Luettringhausen shoemaker. Of all remained Abel. What remains are the memories of old times. He knows very well how he and the bike and later visited with the motorcycle on its customers Goldberg, on the Neuenhof and Olpe, but also in Garschagen and Windgassen. In the 50 years Schumacher has started to offer the shoe industry stand up, because announcing an old billboard space in the customer: “This good advice! Buy new shoes? We expertly repair and inexpensive like new. ”


Special requests are fulfilled

The Council is still doing, but keep in the throwaway society, the least of it. However, some customers do appreciate the work of the master. In his workshop he keeps a lot of different types of leather available and can fulfill almost every wish. He also has drawers and roller cabinets in which are masses of nails and push plates, eyelets and rivets, as well as hooks for school bags and stored locks for briefcases. Part of it is pure past, but again he is pleased to engage in special needs of customers on its extensive stock of spare parts back to you.

Old machine to look at

Walter Abel opened his first workshop in the Richard Pick-street, before 1968, as Klausen road he built. As a self but first he made ​​for modern machines. However, the store also has a parallel roller for leather processing can be seen that today is only the perception. She was purchased in 1906 by his father, August Abel 117.50 for Mark with a “shoe-maker expedients machines”. The handwritten original invoice is not available yet.

Experience and yet still

On the shelf of the repaired shoes are boots, shoes and clunky winter boots, but also from the high-heeled pumps , the Master no respect. Five millimeters in diameter, paragraphs and sometimes associated with a steady hand on the grinder to size. What has changed considerably in his craft, the adhesive technology. Was it before the gum solution, which was used constantly, so it is now the “nuclear glue” that binds almost in a flash “if we are not careful, even two fingers” Walter Abel talks about his experiences and of which he has over 60 years many collected.