Many users have asked for clarification in order to make the business plan for a bed and breakfast , as this seems to be the last frontier of tourist in a country like ours, which puts the tourist industry in the leading positions of the possibility of development. In fact, it must be said that we are not too far from the truth, as recently some public announcements (like this ) have funded such activities.But, as always, to access these calls need to make a business plan for this purpose. So, now let’s see what should have a business plan for a company that deals with bed and breakfast.

What are the characteristics most important is (or should) have an entrepreneur who wants to work in the tourism industry? First of all, must possess innate qualities of hospitality, it must have the pleasure of being with people and doing what he does for the sake of it. In addition to these two main features, those who want to engage in bed and breakfast does not need any other special personnel requirements.In addition, he must know the market in which it operates and to know what are the needs and desires that go to satisfy through its tourist offer. To get this vital information, should draw up the business plan on the market and “draw” the customer profile-type. And here we are facing the most classic case of market segmentation (if you want to know how to segment a market, go here ).


To make the appropriate marketing activities is important to know that a bed and breakfast is a tourist activity of non-conventional as it is an activity that requires a direct involvement of the owner in the activity of business. The activity can be carried out is to occasionally that in the usual manner. In this second case, one can choose the legal form more convenient as, for example, the individual company (through the opening of the VAT). Then, we should be obtained from the various administrative authorizations (who here does not specify for short) and all the bureaucratic formalities such as:

1) name of the opening / closing
2) exposure of the price list
3) payment to SIAE rights in the case of use of music
4) register of attendance of guests
5) any signs (and related charges)
6) payment of the annual Chamber of Commerce
7) payment of various fees attached to the apartment used as a B & B (rubbish and the like)
8) regularization systems (electricity, water, gas, etc.) and others.

After making the list of investments (amounting to 67,700 euro, in our example), you must provide for the funding plan . Plan funding is quite simple to understand and implement. In practice, it is to answer a simple question: WHERE CAN I FIND 67,700 EURO to buy investments? Here, once again, once again, come into play considerations of corporate finance, which we discussed in many occasions and we have also created a product this.

The funding plan may provide various forms of finance, ranging from total equity contribution by the entrepreneur, the creation of a financial mix. In the latter case, it is to finance the purchase of investments by a mix of equity and entrepreneur borrowed money (from a bank, the state in the form of grants and concessional grants , from a financial and / or private investors). At this point, with the strategic analysis that has been carried out, with the investment plan complete and comprehensive coverage financial plan, the business plan is almost complete!