In a continuous increase, here is a story that is in contrast with the period and helps especially the elderly and in particular, those who are at least 70 years. They are the new Italian Postal discounts that help the elderly in the already difficult task of making ends meet between bills and other costs, and, in most cases, with a board really small.

But we see in these specific discounts. It starts from the commission charged on payment of utilities and other obligations through the traditional postal. As we all know, in fact, since last July, the commission is increased from 1.10 to 1.30 euro for each bulletin. Those over 70, who had already provided a discount that allowed them to pay bulletin with a commission of 0.77 euro, from January 2013 can pay their utility bills, TV license, car tax and so paying only 0, 70 euro commission. Only, of course, condition: that the bulletin is made ​​out to the elderly who makes the payment and the right facilitation.

From 1 February 2013, moreover, those over 70 can take advantage of a variety of other discounts related to some of the services dedicated to customers of the Italian Post. To take advantage of these discounts, as well as all those who have turned 70 years old, all those who have a social card. The specific services for which it is possible to get a discount are Call, tell me when, Follow Me and Follow me only to e-signature.


To obtain the benefits provided in this case will need to contact the dedicated number of Italian Post Office 803 160 and ask for an agent to reach the applicant at his home in order to check all the necessary documents and proceed with signing the contract for the provision of these services at subsidized cost. It will not be some of the main services of the Italian Post Office but the savings are guaranteed and can be otherwise useful.