The bad weather has been the great actor of the balances of summer 2011. Slowing traffic in the stores and that showcases areas “covered” such as department stores and shopping centers.The e-commerce continues to grow on him with 19% compared to 2010, announced by the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling.

After the 4th week of the summer sales in 2011, the National Federation of the clothing (FNH) spoke of a work of independent fashion boutiques in decline compared to 2010. In mid-July, sales balances remained below the level of last year and the average decline in revenue was 6% to 10%.

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In detail, interviewed by their respective chambers, traders and Yvelines Parisian confirm the trend also felt in the provinces: 2011 was the vintage is poor. A big half (56%) of retailers surveyed in the Yvelines feel bad. Less than a third (28%) reporting an increase in sales compared to 2010.the numbers of ICC in Paris are not better, for nearly half of retailers surveyed (43%) turnover has not exceeded 10% more than a month normal.

However, if the decline in sales due to tough economic times and bad times in July, it also reflects the radiant sun of the previous months.Indeed, stocks of products are summer were lower than last year, at start up. One positive that mechanically limited the turnover on sale and must temper the disappointing figures.

As each semester, the balance sheet balances is again an opportunity for professionals to renew their displeasure vis-à-vis the “normalization discounts” created by the proliferation of floating balances and other promotions. A trend confirmed by the research center for the study and observation of living conditions . in his letter consumption and lifestyles of July 2011.Titled: Towards the end balances? This publication shows the balances as a must-visit again, but slowing gradually weakened by the new aspirations of the consumer, who does not neglect the clothes. The Crédoc specifies that the consumption of clothing increased slightly in 2010.

Those who rejoice as this season are the shopping centers for which attendance of the summer sales in 2011 was satisfactory in an unfavorable economic climate. A good year reflecting probably the same capricious weather that pushed consumers to focus on the areas covered. According to data from the study by Quanta flow .shopping centers have grown by 1.3% on a comparable basis to the same period in 2010.

Balance sheet figures as often mixed, which really show the evolution of consumption patterns. Customers expect prices and are now multichannel. Now they attend as well as small shops or large shopping websites pure players.