Advertising is just a tool to achieve marketing goals. Do not confuse or concepts, or its objectives.

Even the largest marketing gurus disagree on the definition of marketing. Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong define it, in his book Fundamentals of marketing, as “social and administrative process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values ​​with others.” Meanwhile, the advertising works in marketing as a tool to achieve their goals .


4 Ps and marketing objectives

Marketing consists of 4 pillars to those commonly called “The Politics of Marketing Mix” or the “4 Ps”. These are price, product, distribution and communication. To make the right decisions in each of the policies, there are many courses of action, such as market research, consumer behavior definition, studies of accounting, definition of the image to be transmitted, and so on.

Through each marketing policy (and its tools in particular), different specific objectives are achieved. By bringing all of them, reach marketing objectives, ultimately, will be: the increase or maintenance of sales or profits for the entity.

Objectives of Advertising

Advertising is a tool to achieve political objectives in the media. This discipline also has many definitions. According Mariola Garcia-Uceda, in his book The keys of advertising Says that advertising is “a communication process impersonal and controlled, through mass media tries to present a product, service, idea or institution, in order to inform and influence the purchase or acceptance “.

Summarizing this definition, we can say that the marketing communication is important objectives: inform and persuade. These two objectives, although some are very broad, each of them can be divided into more specific as to report the existence of a new product or service to provide a complement of a product or service, explain new uses products or services; convey a positive image about a product or service, etc.

Increasing sales is not the purpose of advertising

The “good work” of advertising communication is communication goals, but not necessarily achieve the marketing and any of the other 3 pillars influence (even more) in sales of the product. For this reason you can not include increasing sales and purpose of advertising.