Fuel prices are approaching the 2-euro mark and while the state earns twice with consumer advocates call for an increase in commuters.

It will be discussed at the pub from Flensburg to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Even Gunther Jauch took the theme of “rip-off in fuel prices” in his weekly TV talk on ARD on Sunday (1st April 2012). Just in time for the Easter holidays the shores of fuel prices in Germany to new records. The Federal Cartel Office has stepped in, now is also the policy required. The call for an increase in commuters is growing louder.

Fuel prices are approaching the 2-euro mark

The Easter 2012 trip by car would be very expensive. Because increase in time for the holidays, the oil companies nationwide prices. Thus, the liter of diesel costs on Wednesday depending on your location and mark from 1.45 to 1.79 €. For the old traditional super (E5) to € 1.99 may be pulled. A liter of super (E10) is 1.85 € only marginally cheaper. These are the highest prices ever. And the rip-off continues!


ADAC test: 20 years ago filed a tankful of 50 € is about twice as far

How much are gasoline and diesel fuel currently provides an analysis of the automobile club ADAC for the “Bild newspaper. So you could in 1992 for 50 € diesel still cover a distance of 1186 kilometers. Today, in 2012, coming drivers only 504 km wide. Not so serious, it looks at a super tank. Here you can currently cover a distance of 403 kilometers, twenty years ago, it was nevertheless still 748 km.

The state sales tax earned by mineral and twice with

But who will stop the price gouging? The Cartel Office will be switched on (again). But from the perspective of consumers of such actions in the past were not very successful. So the policy is required. But the Finance Minister has to grant any interest to stop profiteering? Why should they? In each liter of gasoline and diesel fuel tax to 92 cents are included. A huge chunk! And the price goes up for a liter of fuel, increases forced the sales tax (19 percent). Uncle Sam, therefore, deserves equal to twice.

Fuel-price driver hit several times daily to

Drivers knew it. Until a few months there have been high and low price periods at the stations. Middle of the week and late on Sunday and Monday morning it was worth it possible in queues at the pumps to be classified. Because there could be loose with a full tank save five to ten times €. But the price of the oil companies, the central drivers have slowed down. In Germany, the fuel price changes several times a day. And this is not as it used to, one, two cents. No, from one to the other minute it may be only ten or eleven cents, what is required for gasoline or diesel more.

German tank tourism to Austria, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic and Luxembourg

But the car driver at least near the border the price gouging is not delivered. And so it is worthwhile for motorists in southern Germany with an empty tank to make a trip to France. Since a liter of diesel costs partially between ten and fifteen cents less. Even with rising rate of the Swiss franc is the liters of premium in the neighboring country also a few cents cheaper. And also in the vicinity of the border with Luxembourg, Poland, the Czech Republic or Denmark is often worth a detour to refuel in the neighboring country . Even in Austria it was here in early 2011 a hefty increase in fuel tax may be worth more or refueling. But beware: while refueling abroad to individuals and businesses that have sales tax to take care: A deduction at the fuel receipt from abroad is not possible!

Mobile service also helps save the vehicle during refueling.

Necessity is the mother of invention. About an App drivers can both via I-phone as well as phone or get the current fuel prices also currently report themselves to other users. Date and time for the prices about the time of entry. The driver needs to know, however, that more and the prices at gas stations and even short-term price changes are possible, which we have not yet been reported.