Diagnosis export aims to take stock of the capacity and potential of your business to export. Your business has she of skills and resources? What are its strengths to succeed? The diagnosis is to establish export as calmly as possible strengths and weaknesses of your business. Here are all questions to ask yourself:

The financial situation of your business

* Your company is she a good profitability (net income, cash flow)?
* Its structure is financial healthy (review of financial autonomy ratio permanent capital / total assets)?
* Its cash flow is positive it (review of working capital and capital requirements)?
* What are its short-term financial prospects?

For tips on how to conduct a financial analysis of your business, please refer to the guide of your finances.

Is it possible to export?

The review of the financial situation of your company can answer the following questions:

* Your company has does a financial base sufficient to export?
* Can finance additional inventory to respond quickly to orders from abroad?
* Can finance new spending: fresh-to-market foreign exploration costs?
* Is it financially worthwhile for your company to turn to the international market?
* Evaluate the additional costs expected to better prepare for export. (See: The Golden Rules of export)


Vitality and reputation of the company

* What is the annual growth rate of your sales? What is your market share in France?
* What is your reputation to compete?
* Your costs of research and development they are high (Deposits patents, brands, models)?

Production capacity and flexibility in the manufacturing process

* Can you quickly adapt your production? What is the current rate of use of your production capacity?
* Your company be able to easily respond to a request from abroad?
* Your materials and equipment are current?
* Is there an office methods and quality control?

Choice of products to be exported

* What products do you end your export?
* Will you modify certain products to adapt to the local market?
* Competition: Are there already your competitors in these countries?

Skills in international business

* Intercultural competence: is it in your business with an open mind in intercultural dialogue?
* What is the language level of your employees? (Fluent English).
* Is there a person in the company responsible for international (knowing the rules and techniques of international trade) or you could train?
* What personnel will he recruit to carry exports?
* Does your company have a first experience of export? What is the share of exports in turnover? Your products correspond to the expectations of strangers? Are they compliant? They are presented to meet the local demand? Their name is the right one?

Communication policy and active prospecting

* The company she used to participate in trade shows?
* Does the systematic communication with different media?
* Does use of advertising agencies?