Delegating is an essential quality for a leader. but how to find the ideal partner and successfully sell part of its powers? Our advice to succeed.

Joel Scholtès, manager and founder of the translation agency Word for word, spends much of his time outside the company. President of two local associations (the Young Business Leaders of Nice and the French Movement for Quality – Paca), lecturer in IUT, this passionate contemporary art gallery is also a part-time.


Make a list of non-core responsibilities.

I am primarily concerned with strategy: define our company, where she is going, why, says Joel Scholtès. I’m more useful to detect trends, meet new clients, injecting ter ideas within the company, to manage daily life.The leader has given technical activity to a production manager and has delegated part of the business and monitoring financial results on a daily basis.However, he kept his hand on the management of human resources, apart from training.

So you must ask a fundamental question: what added value you bring to the company? By identifying non-core responsibilities and time, as the define the list of tasks you can confide in staff .But how do you choose? It all depends on your goal. the result for your preferred structure or development of one of your employees. “If you choose the delegate as a ground of jurisdiction, that person s risk of boring because it is used to this kind of responsibility .But you will be sure of the result.If you are looking to motivate an employee, you choose even if not the most competent, “said Stephanie Savel, Associate Director of the firm ASG Strategy and governance and co-delegate daily. The interviews are individual annual opportunity to take stock of the skills of your employees and their wishes, to give them some missions.The delegation may relate to any person who engages in the business, provided the accompany, or even the train, “says Alain François, management consultant human resources firm Cap Company.