Debt incurred quickly, they will be removed only with difficulty. Some hints and tips of how to avoid debt.

The state leads the way and makes the population. Debt seems to have no longer a taboo subject. The number of consumer bankruptcies is increasing. But what is behind personal debt? Is it only the more-have-want? Sure it is not always so. Poorly paid jobs and unemployment drive the private debt into the air. Many people will eventually just the way to the consumer bankruptcy to get rid of the debt. Not always possible to avoid debt. Often, however, are purchases that are made, really essential, or there are numerous ways to reduce spending.

Shopping – simple tips everyone should know

Even the grocery shopping can be used for training. These include shopping with a shopping list, the note of special offers and also to handle the cheap no-name products. If possible, the procurement will be organized so that it is not daily, but only once a week. The more often a business will enter, the more the risk of buying things that seem to be appealing, but which are not really needed. For special offers should be considered whether a certain stock at a particular item really worth think-before date. To proactively shopping for a week, it’s best to create for this week already has a menu. Thus, targeted and bought unnecessary purchases can be avoided. Is the so-called Quengelware it not just for kids. Especially positioned goods for adults seem at first sight favorable to be, it’s usually not.


Waste not, then you’re in trouble

Those who believe that such an old adage no longer applies has not yet dealt with the subject financial hardship. The nest egg from grandma’s day is as relevant as ever. Just today, should use every opportunity to back down a bit. In what form and size this is done depends on the current financial background. But once again the old adage. Every little bit crap. Each euro is not spent, can be in times of need of help. Most people seem to savings accounts no longer attractive enough to be obtained because the interest rates are lower than ever. Nevertheless, a savings account has the advantage that the money, which is located out of direct access is revoked. Even if there are only fifty or a hundred euros that could be saved, they will be issued less easily than if the money is in the wallet.

Clothing is essential – they must also be expensive?

Everyone wants to ever have a new garment, even if it is not absolutely necessary. Often is low-cost carriers reported articles of clothing, where quality and origin are doubtful. If you want to pay, despite a small budget for these things, has other opportunities to buy good and cheap clothes. flea markets and thrift stores offer very good opportunities to save money and still be fashionably dressed and of good quality. In many cities are so-called developed social department stores, where people can buy and who are not recipients of Hartz IV. The clothes are there, but rising to mostly donated by people who are financially better off. It is often offered in the social department stores even brand clothing that is completely error-free and cost several times as new would. Internet auctions also offer the opportunity to first marriages cheap clothes. It must therefore be the expensive merchandise from the store does not always.

Avoid buying rates, although they still seem to be as low

Of course, rates can not always avoid buying. Who needs a car for example, in order to drive to work is dependent, immediately jump to a new vehicle, if the past is no longer roadworthy. But again, it should not be acted rashly because of competition between dealers makes it possible to save much money. For smaller equipment, it is definitely worthwhile to look for used goods. In Internet auctions such as for example ebay are often sold fully functioning parts, which are delivered conveniently just because a new purchase. Precaution should be checked the reviews from other buyers, so that a serious purchase is feasible. Before buying a new device being advertised for a very low monthly payments, it must be remembered that the purchase is ultimately much more expensive. A hire purchase should be made ​​only if the rates are definitely included in the monthly budget.

Money problems can not conceal

If, despite all good intentions to financial difficulties, helps no ostrich policy. Once noticed, is that a payment because of financial straits can not be done, it is recommended that you immediately put to the payee in connection. Reminders are ignored, sometimes the bailiff is coming. Then to even negotiate installment payments or deferrals will be almost hopeless. Makes it even on the first step, explains the current situation and offers of payments to self-rate at a reasonable level, chances are not bad, ask the creditor to satisfy. Even within the social environment, these problems should not be overlooked. Without going into detail, it is not objectionable to admit that one or the other company is currently not possible due to financial reasons.