To boost traffic in its concession in a business transaction, the leader of Agest called 7000 prospects directly to their mobile.With a marketing tool, the case has taken a few minutes, for less than 4000 euros HT.

Hello, this is Philippe . At the beginning of the year, I wanted to offer my best wishes. I also want to tell you about a special event that will take place from January 20 to 24 in your concession.In fact, I wanted to bring the deep south twelve concessions to offer the largest exhibition of motor homes ever in our area . I count on you.This 30-second voice message no less than 7000 customers Agest, distributor of mobile homes,have received on their cell phone answering three days before the event. 40% were asked to contact Agest who at one time or another of the business relationship,agreed to give their number to be kept informed of company news or progress of their order . The leader fortunately did not need to call them one by one! The text is saved once and for all in a few minutes by phone.His service, is responsible for transmission from a listing provided by the SMEs. It uses the solution of VMS (Voice Message Service) for Multimedia Neocom. This tool allows mobile marketing to file a pre-recorded message on an answering mobile.A non-intrusive way of informing the recipients,” says the president of the company.

 business concept

A personal relationship

The main advantage of this method is that it establishes the proximity with the other person. “Our customers thought that I had called everyone personally,Flattered to be invited by the boss, some have even bothered to call the dealership to confirm their arrival.His experience taught him that his client, composed mainly of retirees, is particularly sensitive to small details. Technically, it is impossible to know how many people have heard the message,even if only partially. No way either to determine the impact of VMS on traffic in the store during the exhibition (3000 entries) because the leader has stepped up communication activities. But he is convinced that HT 0.5 euro per issue only the case is highly profitable.Of the 220 vehicles offered for sale, over 80 have in fact been sold these days, a turnover of around 2.4 million euros.