This article deals with a solar project in Greece, which until now most of Germany still regarded with skepticism.

The solar industry is the great hope for Greece. The Greeks want so out of the huge financial mess to work out where the land lies for some time. At the moment, Greece can keep yourself only with financial help from abroad over the water. This should now be changed, because solar project “Helios” is intended to help the Greeks to a new economic power. International investors are to be brought into the country to invest in the solar industry. For many investors from abroad, this would not be a bad deal, because the feed-in tariffs, the wave are much higher than in many other countries.

This could mean that is a good investment strategy for the future, because as well Juerg Zeltner, chief executive officer at UBS Wealth white management, it’s just too difficult times in the markets is not always easy to find this: “Never was the complexity of international financial markets is higher than today, and it is constantly increasing. This development gives investors many opportunities. On the other hand, you need experience, knowledge and resources to quickly and confidently make the right decisions if one wants to minimize the investment risk. ”


Damper on the German side

Germany has now put a damper on the project, however. At a meeting in Athens was Secretary of State for the Environment Jurgen Becker announced that they are likely to be present on the German side with no import of electricity from solar panels Greek. One must first of all concentrate on the development of renewable energies in their own country, to be thinking of importing from abroad. Furthermore, the current import from Greece would be too expensive, because the state guarantees the operators extremely high prices, which amount to almost twice of what you pay for German power. Athens would have to first of all create the basis that foreign companies are attracted. Should this succeed, it could think of Becker, but new investment opportunities for German companies in the industry.

Divided opinions on Helios project

EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger was also represented at the meeting. In his opinion, was “Helios” is a laudable project that could mean a huge opportunity for Greece and other EU countries. The troubled country could thus ensuring growth and other countries would be able to import cheap electricity so. All that the project now stands in the way, is the expansion of electricity networks, which currently can not withstand an increased import of electricity would. The opinions in the case of “Helios” are so divided. Remains to be seen how the Greek project will develop further.