Have you spotted a mistake or error in one of your employees?Maintenance trimming will allow you to make him aware of the problem, to understand the causes and identify with it solutions. Tips for a challenge.

An employee who shows aggression to a client, which happens consistently late or does not meet the deadlines . This type of attitude sets a precedent in your business and you may lose your authority. When a false note sounded among your staff, information flows quickly and everyone is waiting the response from the boss. Great is the temptation to play the ostrich, including fear of degrading the environment. But the manager must assume the imposition of discipline, both in terms of compliance that the performance requirement. So take his courage and conduct an interview crop, which can react to skids.Its goal, put the employee on track while maintaining a good relationship.

crop employee

It is also necessary to establish rules that this act is effective managerial. it means, for example, being late? 5 or 15 minutes after the scheduled time? More and more companies are working on ethical charters to recall basic rules for their employees,said a human resources consultant and management. But the non-compliance with the rules of life, defined and non-negotiable, that is one of the causes requiring a crop.The leader must also reframe if differences in performance. error without taking time not process respected results . Every effort should be made ​​explicit, and consistent announced, and it’s up to you to define your level of demand, “said analysis team.

First step: call the employee for an interview within 48 hours after spotting a gap in behavior or performance. “Do not make an appointment on Friday for Monday, if your employee may have a very bad week end.he prepares for the maintenance of crop, please tell him the reason for his summons. “To get ready, too, put your ideas clear by answering a few questions, cold : What do you want to blame? On what specific facts can you support? Have you ever met your employee previously on this subject? How can you help?

Comment from the first. If you have used inappropriate words, under the heat of the moment, take your colleague aside to apologize.For an employee who feels assaulted closes like an oyster, and it is difficult later asked to have a discussion,analysis trainer in human resource management.We must ask him not to hold this against you and especially not justify deferring the blame on him, with phrases like “You had pushed to the limit.” shows that the problem is the error itself and not the person. So you can confidently carry out maintenance crop, knowing that the meeting should focus on the facts established, and recent statements.ou should not expect to have five different elements to crop, three months later. If you have not responded after the first act, the employee shall not include