Purchase in store credit can take many forms. In general, there is the possibility of a purchase and pay in monthly installments. But increasingly, the customer has a loyalty card issued by the commercial sign that allows the holder to receive other benefits at the time of purchase. The loyalty card may or may not be associated with a revolving credit or the possibility of a cash payment or deferred. In any case, the conditions vary from one brand to another, so care must be taken to read it before you buy on credit.


Generally, some stores offer the opportunity to buy on credit and have a result of your purchases by opting for a deferred payment or installment. If it is a credit sale simple, just create a file with the store who will offer you the deadlines and the amount of monthly payments. For this, various documents will be such as to provide payroll, for example. This is mainly to determine the level of monthly income according to the customer. Once the purchase is paid in full, the credit report is enclosed. Moreover, the contract between the customer and the store also happens to an end. Some stores offer the ability to make multiple purchases on credit simultaneously.

Increasingly, credit purchases in stores come with other benefits. Thus, we often use loyalty cards. These provide access to various benefits such as discounts or preferential procurement. But most of the cards issued by commercial signs combine loyalty to the payment option. Thus, the customer can pay for purchases by credit card. In fact, the payment will be deferred with interest payable in addition. There is also the formula: loyalty card, credit card, more known as the 3 in 1 as the maps available in the retail stores. They offer the possibility of withdrawing money from some distributors.

Some additional benefits of credit in a store

Having a store credit card can benefit from various commercial offers of the brand. Discounts, rebates, reward points are all possible places that give special advantages. So you can win prizes or have access to hours of free parking for example. Among other benefits, you can benefit from the guarantees of purchase, free delivery service . In addition, possession of a card gives you access to special funds faster.

Credit in a store: some prudential

Although the loyalty card is advantageous, remember that you can mostly make purchases on credit. The more you use, the more your credit will increase. By not using it at the end of the month, so you are sure to avoid increasing your credit and will not have to pay the interest payments on these purchases. So, choose to pay in cash at the end or as soon as your finances allow. Also, avoid using the card for the store offers an additional charge. Next, consider terminating the card as soon as your income will allow you to cash purchases. This will save you even more to pay monthly fees associated with the card.

Finally, to avoid over-indebtedness, it is not advisable to make several purchases on credit simultaneously. Indeed, the risk would lose control of your spending and spend more than you can repay at the end of the month. Caution is therefore needed in these purchases on credit.