Space tourism is becoming more real: travel to the International Space Station, the Moon and Mars do business developments arising out of money.

The company Paypal has announced a space trading system, which is made with a campaign to raise funds for space research SETI Institute Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, one of the institutions involved in the project.Space commercialization is still a gamble, but looks like it will come sooner than later, but this announcement leaves room to think it’s partly a marketing campaign for one of your mentors.

Space travel projected

Several companies have announced space travel, among which are projects to reach the Moon or Mars in a few years. Among the newest ads are on to send a marriage in 2018 to Mars or the initiative to recruit volunteers to travel in a few years that has gotten thousands of adherents who would travel and stay at Mars no return. This trip is calculated for the first years of the 2020s. Another project to travel to Mars is NASA and gives importance to try as long life in space. For it is planning a 12-month stay of two astronauts on the International Space Station by 2015. NASA is more cautious and calculated that the trip to Mars would be in 2030.


The need for space commerce

This really makes you start to think about complex problems which are coming with the future space commerce. Paypal President, David Marcus said, “We do not have all the answers right now, but it is clear that we will not use cash when we are in space,” adding: “We believe it is now – not next year, not when space tourism and work – to start figuring out how it would work. ” The initiative is called Galactic PayPal and was released on June 27 by a press conference which was attended by legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin, second man on the moon.

Features space trading system

PayPal has partnered with two main groups, SETI and Space Tourism Society, in what promises to be a first step in the search for answers to the “big questions about the commercialization of space.” For example, you will have to advance touch systems, risk and fraud management, regulations, etc. What is the common currency in a spatial system of transactions? Who will provide the customer?