Choose the status SARL is opting for safety.But rigor can also be a constraint. This form of society, however, retains real assets must still measure the inconvenience!

There is no single answer for the limited liability company (LLC). It depends on the circumstances specific career plans. However, it appears, in practice, it is particularly suited to a small number of partners who know each other in a family context, because of its legislative framework.


Avoid the equal distribution

The entente cordial which unites the early associates may deteriorate to the point that the functioning of society becomes almost impossible. Better to be warned, it happens that equal distribution of capital between partners lead to a paralysis of the company to put at risk. Many situations have ended before the judge who has the choice appoint a provisional administrator or dissolve the company.It is therefore prudent to consider before opting for this distribution.

What the law says

To create an LLC, the law requires two associated minimum and 100 maximum, natural or legal persons.If you base your company alone, opt for the status of one-man limited liability are committed only to the extent of your contribution, unless mismanagement. So you can not stand the losses of the company only up to that amount.In theory, one euro is enough to secure the capital of the LLC. But beware of disappointments. The share capital must be consistent with economic projects.It may be necessary to make contributions in the current account for the needs of society, to make deposits or personal guarantees.Another danger is the liability of partners. While they are liable for the debts of the company in the amount of the subscribed capital, be aware that in the presence of a capital one symbolic euro, personal responsibility of the Manager and / or founding partners can be initiated.

The LLC accepts contributions in cash, kind or industry .The latter is not included in the capital.However, the contributor receives in industry shares.They give him the right to receive its share in the profits and participate in collective decisions.The capital may be variable, but must be in the range specified in the statutes. Interest? The lack of formality for the operations of increase or decrease of capital.

The LLC is subject to corporate tax regime.It is possible, under certain conditions, to opt for income tax.