The Traders Association of Berck acting jobs. In September 2010, Jeremy Yard, its president, suggested the idea of a forum to more effectively recruit new employees. Nearly a thousand people went there in March.

Put an end to recruitment in a hurry at the counter. “This is the wish of Jeremy Yard, a snack chip shop manager and President of the traders Berck (GCB), who proposed to his colleagues in 2010 to create a Forum of employment. The young entrepreneur has indeed realized that merchants find it difficult to achieve real job interviews because of time.
Some are even hiring mistakes because they do not ask for one second,” said he.For this reason, the 42 members of the association decided to react and create a special event: a day dedicated to recruitment.


A success

Thus, after two months of talks with the town hall, room and date are found. This is the 30 March Traders were also canvassed various partners, such as job center that has welcomed with open arms. “The public institution had really wanted to participate in our project,” says Jeremy YarcL In addition, the GCB is joined by the Association of Traders Sector Esplanade (ACSE), which also, has the same problem.

It remains to bring the world. Two to three weeks before the forum, posters are made and glued around Berck, and in its center. Radio spots are also available. “Word of mouth has played a leading role,” says Jeremy Yard. And all these efforts have paid off.
On the day, traders Berck hosted just over 1,000 job seekers. Each professional has been allocated a slot to meet with applicants. Meanwhile, young people who did not resume on them were supported by the job center services. In fact, their advisors have learned to format their careers.

Many young people aged from 20 to 25 years have shown, especially for seasonal jobs. But we have also seen people looking for permanent positions, said Jeremy Yard. Personally, I needed to hire nine employees and I found them all on the same day. Sure traders will again be at Berck go next year!