Corporate social responsibility. Automotive Canary and Spanish Red Cross develop a common action to help disadvantaged families.

A Canarian company has collaborated with the Spanish Red Cross in various social projects. Both the Red Cross to the partner company, so important has been the result as its co-operation itself.


Why with the Red Cross?

For this company, two were the objectives that had been marked with the implementation of the various campaigns carried out during this year:

¤ On one hand, to collaborate with an institution that is a reference not only for Spanish society, but has a strong presence globally and is Red Cross. Hoping to improve such cooperation on at least in part the situation of need that many families are going through the Canary Islands.
¤ On the other hand to continue their social awareness campaign called “+ X you”, whose creation is based on the need to humanize the greatest extent possible in their business structure. Hoping to get a better assessment by the group of people that make up the company.

Red Cross appreciates the efforts

The heads of this institution in the Canaries thanks and highlighted the important participation has been Automotive Canary Both by implication that has had its own staff and with clients who have worked as volunteers. Red Cross hopes and trusts that this type of activity can be developed with other companies, all it will help to facilitate input to many needy families.

Social actions carried out

The activities have been carried out for this season have covered both the collection of nonperishable food, toiletries and household goods such as collecting donations. The first campaign has been designed to help families living canary under the umbrella of the poverty And the second campaign raised funds to meet the food needs that are happening in the Horn of Africa. They have also collaborated in drawing gold from Red Cross, offering its facilities as a selling point. The partner company has provided the same amount of funds raised at the end of the campaign.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Company is one organization dedicated to industrial, commercial or service that seeks for gain, (definition of SAR in its second edition), where such business structure is also concerned to achieve environmental and social improvements, basing their values and principles of action to the needs of the society they are present, we speak of a company with corporate social responsibility. Such companies are aware that their decisions not only affect the progress of the company itself but also produce a rebound effect on your customers, employees, suppliers, partners and society at large. Concerned about the society these companies try to answer the need for transparency and ethics that society demands. These companies are also committed to environmental care, preserving the physical environment.

Help now, Red Cross needs more solidarity companies

Red Cross thanks and hopes that other companies will encourage and assist in the projects it carries out throughout the Spanish territory. Invite anyone who can to contribute their grain of sand, aid can not only come in the form of donations, but also can be present in food collection campaigns, equipment and basic necessities, accompanying elderly and keep them company, volunteer organizations, food bank, etc.