To attract potential investors, your presentation file and your speech should be well built but also very catchy.Your ability to clearly explain your project and its potential will make all the difference.

In preparing your written and oral presentation, consider the acronym” Kiss “(Keep it simple, stupid),” suggests Marc , co-founder of Capital Partners, asset management. In summary, do not complicate things.Focus only on the amount of information and its formalism is the error committed by most entrepreneurs. Unlike bankers who prefer records safe, investors are looking for ambitious and risky, By presenting a business plan very educational. you may miss the boat.However, the ease in which you show to articulate your strategy taking into account the specifics of your market. your direct and indirect competitors can make the difference.

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At first contact, the numbers do not matter, only the issues prevail.Before you begin your exploration, spend time in a draft summary document, called in the jargon “executive summary” as it is currently your only input card to advance to the next step.

The executive summary

Most entrepreneurs think, wrongly, that their case must answer all questions posed by investors.They then tend to drown in the details.In contrast, investors who are drowning in the proposals, need to understand in minutes your project and its potential.

First, it should send them a descriptive detail, and in three or four pages maximum, your needs, your offer, market conditions, your business plan, your business model, your action plan, your financial situation and your team. Put simply, this document serves trailer. Its function? Make people want attention, it must not be likened to a marketing brochure.and should not be cast in stone.There will be time to send later, a more complete record as and when the interest of your audience.

The oral presentation

the written presentation is an entry in this field.For it is the personality of the entrepreneur,his adaptability that will end or not to convince investors to sign a letter of intent. Even if you are a born orator, work and repeat your speech to friends and family.

With your vendor, you must come to tell the essential, with emphasis on dialogue. You can prepare slides to support your presentation,but they should not be your memo on the day. the risk of creating a screen communication between you and your audience.