Obsolete equipment, lack of software updates and server failures cause stress in employees, affect their performance and productivity.

The technology has been a boon to the business world, as it has allowed businesses and industries to streamline their operations and become more efficient, thereby improving their competitiveness. However, this dependence on technology can sometimes be a headache, especially if it fails. While technology brings many benefits, it also requires constant investment, since it is well known that as a computer is concerned, this is evolving continuously, so that computer software or quickly become obsolete or ineffective.

However, some companies put off buying new equipment or software licenses either for lack of funds or because they prefer to allocate resources to other areas as priorities. Ultimately, the lack of maintenance and upgrading of equipment and systems failures or cause loss of time caused to the employees a type of stress , called the computer stress.

What is computer stress?

We can define the computer stress like that feeling of anxiety, worry, nervousness and frustration that occurs in the employee when the software or computer equipment does not work or take too long to perform a task. Examples include the following: when a file takes to open, when the Internet speed is slow, when inhibited a program, or when it crashes. These types of situations in the user trigger a state of tension that can be translated in a bad mood, outbursts of anger, despair or mental exhaustion.


Computing how stress affects productivity

Also, equipment failures and computer systems not only cause stress in employees, but also customers and suppliers. No customer A grace cause having been formed in a row for an hour told that they can not attend because ” the system crashed . ” All such errors or incompatibilities computer operating systems not only affect the image of the company, but their ability to respond to customer demands and thus decreasing productivity. In extreme cases, computer equipment failures can cause data loss and even the cost to the company is higher.

Tips to De-stress computer

* Investing in hardware and renew it periodically.
* Keeping software current and compatible.
* Do not use work email for personal purposes. Sending ” chain letters “not only saturates the inbox, but can also contain viruses affecting your computer.
* No downloading software, music or videos that are unrelated to the functions of the company, because they slow down the responsiveness of the computer.
* Supporting information storage devices.