Brands has increased, which as Caffé Vegnano Marcilla and penetrate the market of coffee pods, while maintaining its unique Nespresso.

In the business world there is no truce. Just an idea to sell out competitors on all sides. This is the case with Nespresso, Nestlé’s brand who wanted to raise the level of art of tasting gourmet coffee.

Nespresso does not get your script exclusivity

And not only that its product is high quality capsules, but also the brand sold exclusively in its packaging in its stores and its supply chain. Stores Nespresso are an experience of comfort and pleasure for the senses, where the atmosphere is relaxed and in which the customer is listed as a priority. Indeed, just a week ago, Nespresso has opened a new store in Santander, bringing to 36 stores in Spain.


But this whole image deployment or wastefulness has a drawback that has taken the competition. Although stores were opened Nespresso consistently throughout the Spanish territory, to buy this brand capsules or go to a store or made online.Unfortunately in Spain does the expression “We do not have coffee. This afternoon we go to the mall shopping”But has yet to draft”We have coffee. This afternoon we go to the store to buy Nespresso capsules also invite us to a coffee”.

The exclusive shop or supermarket

The first would be pleased to find capsules in their usual supermarket and the latter will probably go to a store if you are caught Nespresso step and usually not caught in passing. There remains only the Internet, which still does not have enough depth as a means of purchase.Even so, Nespresso has been able to sell your product very well with the image of Clooney and Malkovich. As well, the data that the president of Nespresso Richard Girardot Published on the first six months of the 2011, that the mark was the first who accumulated more than 10 million followers, more than 1 million of them even followers of Facebook, they could buy the capsules in over 220 boutiques 150 cities in 40 countries.

But competition is alert and in the past month of April, Sara Lee announced the sale of capsules Marcilla coffee compatible with Nespresso machines. While Nespresso introduced some legal battle, knowing they were not going to win the exclusivity of the capsules and currently living selling coffee for the same marks in different fields: Nespresso enhances coffee machines and maintain the exclusivity of its stores while Marcilla hole has been getting in supermarkets and hypermarkets as Hipercor, Mercadona, and a few other well-known chain of supply and consumption and equipment and appliances chain Saturn.

Competition in the coffee market is multiplied

That competition is multiplied and not in the field of Nespresso, but in the field of Marcilla and using his own weapons: the same prices, plastic, square boxes of ten units and a limited variety of flavors. And the landing comes from the Italian Caffè Vergnano, who has had to pass before the courts to escape legal harassment Nespresso is imposed for their interests.

The Italian brand presentation was right on the same day that Nespresso launched its range White and since then, the Italian company has spread to other European countries, landing in Spain in the last month, at the hands of the company Polti and under the name of Espresso. In fact, customers can find boxes of Marcilla and Caffé Espresso Vergnano, Next to each other competing for the regular consumer market hypermarkets.

Nespresso why not get block sales of a product that a priori was protected by patent, which probably makes us think the world of business are too many variables to be handled and a patent is not necessarily the best defenses when speaks of struggle between giants.

Loophole in the Nespresso patent

Apparently, the Nespresso coffee wars, as published in various media over the Internet has its origins in the very Nespresso. The former president of Nespresso between 1988 and 1997, Jean-Luc Gaillard, was the architect of a move that some believe a coup.Knowing the contents of the patents of the Swiss company, has taken advantage of an error or omission in the same capsules allow the use of similar or at least, large enough to fit into the holes of the machines.Said and done, Mr. Gaillard founded a company, Ethical Coffee Company in Switzerland and started to produce 450 million doses of coffee in 2010 and expected 2000 production million doses before the end of 2011 compared to sales Nespresso to surpass the 6000 million doses planned for this year.

Spain, Italy, Austria, France, Germany and the U.S. seem to be configured as the battlefields of coffee pods. The battle is set to a poker game where you need to enter a single condition, having enough money to cover the initial investment in payments to experts in commercial litigation law firms. And from there, to sell coffee.