The company registration in Bulgaria could be done in several steps that the investor has to follow. However, if that investor is a foreigner, then the best option is to use the services of qualified local professionals – lawyer and accountant, who know this process in details and can do with the registration of a company, as well as with the following registration at the Trade Register, etc. According to the commercial law in Bulgaria , there are several types of companies that the investor can set up. These could be joint stock company and limited liability company, sole-proprietorship company, shelf company, charity organization, holding, etc. Thanks to the modern technologies and the new requirements, nowadays it is easy to set up a company without even being in the city. So, what shall one do? Which are the steps that one has to follow?

Naturally, the first thing for the investor is to decide on the form of the company and if that is difficult, the local advisors can help with that. The second step is associated with booking a name that is available and with filling in certain documents like application form for the registration plus a memorandum of association, constituent meeting minutes, and also consent with specimen of signature being certified by a notary public and a declaration in compliance with art.142 of the Commercial Act. Then a bank account should be opened and state taxes should be paid. Once the company is set up follow several important registrations. These include VAT registration, National Insurance Agency registration, etc. Since there are certain periods of time in which all those registrations have to be done and since not always the people who work there know foreign languages, the best way is to hire a professional who can organize the entire process of company formation and registrations.