The cloud computing, A poetic expression to talk about outsourcing data and applications with a service. Promises of safety, savings or use streamlined, the cloud is in fashion.

Cloud computing is safer

On paper, it is likely that the provider you choose is more likely that you manage the security of data and applications it hosts on your behalf. The industry leaders have, in fact, technical and financial means to ensure optimum safety, and in all cases, higher than what a small business can afford one. Enterprise operators like Google and commit to OVH rate security and reliability approaching 100%. a company specializing in computer security. Often operators outsource securing the cloud. The visibility on the means used to ensure data protection is often limited.Learn about the physical location of the server that hosts your account.

cloud computer

In addition to reliability problems you may encounter on servers located in the bottom of the Indonesia, verify that the provider selected in accordance with EU regulations on data.

The cloud, a way to save money

Although the conclusion may seem early, it is clear that cloud computing allows you to control your costs. As for cost savings, is another matter. The economic model of the cloud is the “pay as you go.In other words, you only pay for what you use really in terms of services and bandwidth.

Moreover, the same investment, it is likely that the arsenal of software you have is greater than what you had before resorting to the cloud.For example, Google provides the Company is sold for 40 euros per year per user.This is the basic solution in which the company may at its discretion, add services to the card. Same with Orange, which has just launched its Cloud Pro. The telephone company has selected a number of partners. Able to provide online solutions to small and micro businesses in different areas (archiving, tracking sales, etc), While benefiting from one contact and one invoice. As needed, companies can add applications, fee.

This practice eliminates the peaks especially at start up cost, because the investment is smoothed over time.
It also avoids surprises, given that funding is more linear, which is often reassuring.