Any European citizen who has worked in Ireland can claim back taxes if they meet certain requirements.

The Republic of Ireland is a usual place of work for Spanish. One of the biggest foreign community is located in the Emerald Island. Thanks to the mobility of European citizens by the countries of the union, it is relatively easy to practice in the countries comprising the EU, as is the case in Ireland. What many people do not realize is the possibility to claim the taxes paid as a citizen in this country.


What is the tax refund

The welfare system of the EU countries, so envied outside their common borders, is based on a tax-collection systems, which allows to inject large amounts of money into the coffers of the treasury, in order to be invested for the benefit of society, regardless of the disparity of income that form.

A great advantage of citizens of the union of the Old Continent, is the free movement of workers, being able to work in member countries having a very little paperwork. Therefore, it is possible for various reasons, a person traveling to another country to develop their careers, due to the different opportunities that present themselves, thus generating profits in the tax collection system of that country.

Thus, this individual is, by paying in part, investments in services and infrastructure will not enjoy in the future, in addition to trading on the general pensions scheme of that country. Therefore, under certain circumstances described in tax collection system in different countries, you can claim back taxes.

Revenue, the plantation of Ireland

Many who move to Spanish St. Patrick lands to overcome one of the biggest obstacles in the Spanish national education: the English. Because these movements, there are many people who spend months or few years of his life working there, to return to the Spanish market, with fluent English under his arm, with greater prospects of success.

To work in Ireland is sufficient to present a Spanish national identity card and request the allocation of PPS number (Personal Public Service). Once assigned this code, the employer may discharge the employee in the national tax collection, called Revenue. Once the worker ends his contract, has generated a lot of taxes, part of which can be claimed for reimbursement.

Steps for the Irish tax refund

You must have worked a number of days set in a range, which can vary. To verify this range, it is best to check directly with the Irish finance (Revenue). Once it is found that is entitled to reimbursement, a period of solicitation, which must fill the form P50, and attach it to the P45, which is provided by the employer to terminate the contract. The Irish tax office returns, then a P21 form, with the balance of income of the employee due to his activities in the country.

To calculate the amount of the refund, in most cases, the Irish finance contacts the applicant to request a certificate of income in a given year, issued by the estate of the country of origin. That is, if a citizen of Spain is requesting this refund, you should ask the Spanish treasury a certificate of income for the year in which he was working in Ireland. After gathering all the documentation, the Irish finance issue a check applicant’s name, and send it to the address indicated by him, may make it effective in the bank.

Tax refund process, bureaucracy and slowness

This process may be delayed in time, with exchange of mail between the applicant and the Irish estate, which delays the process. It is advisable to certify all shipments.
However, the amount received is usually high, so it’s worth claiming the profit generated.