Tips for Choosing the best insurance for the vehicle in Argentina. Not all companies offer the same guarantees and services to its customers.

When choosing insurance right for the vehicle in Argentina, there are many questions that have, due to the large number of insurance companies that are in place. However, not all offer the same thing for your client.

Hail Coverage

Today, with climate change taking place in the country, hail coverage is almost indispensable for little old vehicles as commercial reasons, not all insurance companies are offering this benefit rolled over 10 years in the market. Insurance Employers’ Federation , one of the leading companies, along with Mapfre , offers customers who hire a full liability coverage, plus a supplemental policy (such as personal accident policies, fire and combined family among others), the hail coverage, up to 10% of the sum insured, which, in new vehicles, generally fails to cover all the damage the storm sheet could eventually cause. All this damage independent vehicle glass (window, windshield and side windows), which are payable in addition to that 10%. This benefit plus Employers Federation introduced to this company differed from the rest, as many do not offer it, and some who do, do so confusing for the customer, that when you have a problem, seen as the selling situation is not so real.


Coverage of theft

The total theft coverage is the most requested among customers, since logically, would rather pay a few dollars, and you have complete coverage that covers them, the liability to $ 3 million, the total or partial destruction, theft Total and partial, and full and partial fire. When choosing insurance for the vehicle must be taken into account theft coverage to the tires. Employers Federation covers tires and original tires, wear, replacing the insured cover in less than 48 hours, offering home delivery.

Additional services at the policy

In recent times, companies with the aim of improving care to their customers, began offering some extra services, such as mechanical assistance service, lost property office, key chains, road maps, memorial service maturity of driver’s licenses, among others, which further extends the choice by the customer. Also, when buying insurance, you should also have in mind both the experience and the track record in the insurance market chosen.