Account canceled due to seizures and affirmation? Many banks offer checking accounts, not without, but at Site List.

Bank customers are due or affirmation before the seizure of various financial Off, they quickly canceled the checking account. Due to the resulting credit reports, it is now quite difficult to open with another bank for a new account. A checking account is essential for everyday life, however such as checking account consumers are not now receive their salaries, benefits or pensions? Not to mention the monthly transfers / withdrawals such as rent, electricity, telephone and insurance companies. Banks, especially savings banks, but are obliged to set up an account on consumer credit basis, but not all banks are holding it. What many do not know checking account on a credit basis does not mean “without Schufa” but rather “Site List”. There is currently only one bank in Germany, which offers a free checking account schufa. It’s the Wire Card Bank. But “without Schufa” is not exactly cheap.


Current account in credit

A current account in credit means that the account holder can have only the money that is on the account. The account is subject to certain limitations. A MRP is not granted, the overdraft of the account is not even possible for one euro. The account using a card payment is still covered, threatened with termination. As a rule, if payment for the seller but a reference to the terminal that a payment with the card is not possible (at least for the Giro-/EC-Karte the bank). The disadvantage is that the bank charges are higher than the “normal” current account. They amount to each monthly account activity 5 to 15 € per month. There are free current accounts in credit, it does not. For savings account holders will receive a debit or indeed cash card at other banks, this is not always the case. Often those customers with a checking account on a prepaid basis only, a bank card, can be lifted only with the bank’s own money machine. The payment in shops or on the Internet is such a card is not possible. More information can be found here .

Schufa free checking account – Prepaid Triple of Wire Card Bank

Wire Card Bank offers a checking account and Visa debit card on a prepaid basis. To open an account or proof of income nor a Schufa information is required. The schufa free checking account is not cheap. When opening an account a one-time fee of € 39.00 will be charged. Monthly account maintenance fee of 9.99 € will be charged. Transfer and standing order fees are not included in it. Standing orders cost 5 € per transaction and 75 cents per transfers are calculated. Evidence for past transfers cost 5 € (if proof be needed). For cash withdrawals at ATMs, five percent of the amount charged a minimum of 5 €. Schufa the free account as a P-Account (Account seizure protection) should be performed, will cost an additional 5 € per month. A posting will not be granted for the managed account online. If the account is still covered, 18.9 percent are debit interest is calculated. The prepaid credit card to be charged only with credit before they can be used for shopping.