Some insurance prices can be quite cheap or even free. How to hire a good insurance at the best price.

According to the law For the execution and validity of any insurance contract be required of the insured or policyholder to pay the same premiums for (premium required). In exchange, the insurance company agrees to compensation (with capital or other benefits), derived from the different contingencies that such insurance cover. However, in the promotion of some insurance the word free and many people may be covered by one of them, although they are not aware of this fact.


Cheap insurance for all tastes

The virulence of the current economic crisis has led to companies of all types (banks inclusive), sharpen the ingenuity devoted to attracting new customers. Many use the free insurance hook to sell your product, but the absence of a regular premium does not mean that your payment is waived.

* Price premium: in most cases, it is paid by the price of the product or service.
* Advertised as free as the cost of insurance is usually small, and is payable by the value of the object.
* Coverage cheap insurance can have a variety, but time limited.

Cheap insurance cars and motorcycles

The sales sector vehicles represents one of the most active in promoting the products, adding the advantage of free insurance. Several dealers offer brands and sell their Car and motorcycles, including insurance for the same price.

* These offers may be true and usually offer insurance to all risk or liability compulsory.
* Conditions of these cheap insurance: limited duration, usually annually. In its renewal, the holder shall bear the expenses. As a general rule, do not accept clients with less than 25 years, with a minimum of two years of driving license.

Cheap home insurance

A new type of insurance has come to incorporate the existing ones. It is free unemployment insurance, usually offered as an attraction for the hiring of mortgage loans for the purchase of the residence.

* Unemployment insurance coverage: it takes over the loan repayment installments, if the owner lost your job or suffer temporary disability.
* Duration of unemployment insurance: usually 18 months, but only cover a maximum of 6 consecutive months. At maturity, if the customer wishes to continue the insurance, it must bear the cost of the premium.

Credit Card Insurance

Are in place in the insurance market rather than before and are best known by consumers, although a large percentage do not know exactly the coverage they offer. Normally cover theft occurred at the ATM to withdraw money and travel expenses, if they have paid card. Other coverages offered are:

* Cancellations and delays of flights.
* Costs of hospitalization and illness.
* Breakdown of rental cars.

But they sure are not free, as the price of your premium is paid annually by the cost of maintaining the card. When you get a card, it automatically accesses your insurance, without signing a separate policy.

Precautions cheap or free insurance

Given the proliferation of offerings in this type of insurance, should take into account some recommendations:

1. Requirements for compensation: be careful to keep tickets, travel receipts, invoices and so on, as they are needed at the time of claim.
2. Check carefully the terms of the insurance contract, because although it’s free at first, may be required by the customer a stay with the company for a period of time and may not be desirable in the future.
3. At the time of purchase or hire a consumer, you should know that they have implicit insurance and know your coverages, terms and conditions.

Some are advertised as cheap insurance, others are considered free, and although his cousin not paid separately, the cost is already included in the product or service purchased, with the impact of its price almost imperceptible to the consumer.