They are public corporations created to represent, promote and defend the interests of trade.

The cameras manage public resources and perform administrative functions, but some companies managed by legal criteria, although subject to public control of their spending by the Courts of Auditors and tutelantes administrations. As public corporations have to be created by law and by law must establish their competence, but are not, strictly speaking, public administration, even participating in their nature. Have legal personality by law, in response to social and economic importance of its goals. Similarly, the law provides hierarchical description and compulsory for all companies and entrepreneurs to the cameras.


The cameras promote and defend the economic interests of the package of your local businesses and overall economy of this. Companies representing all its territorial competence, integrating it into their midst the representatives of the various economic systems, taking into account the relative economic importance, and being democratically elected by all companies.

General legal duties of companies

1. The advisory function of government, in consultation twofold active and passive consultation. As for the first active consultation, Cameras administrations proposed few reforms deemed necessary or appropriate to promote trade and business; passive consultation manifests itself by issuing reports at the request of their own administrations, draft standards or possible future actions that may directly or indirectly affect the general interests of companies.
2. The role of collaboration, as embodied in the management of public services related to business, the processing of public assistance programs, and collaboration with public education.

Internalization and foreign building companies

These are done through concrete action plans and highly effective, thanks to which not a few companies have had access to foreign markets. These plans can be very diverse and are reflected in constitutional rights are implemented. The ultimate goal is to increase exports and stimulate export potential for those companies who decide to enter international markets.

Information and advice to businesses

This information should be as current as possible, and developed with appropriate communication tools that allow greater immediacy . In this sense, the provision and use of new technologies is a constant in the chambers.

Support for business

Strongly supports the creation of companies, general advice and support to the boards at different stages of development. Promoted as a method flexible, affordable and effective conflict resolution by collecting and submitting the certification of commercial usage.

Business organizations and chambers of commerce

These functions perform very similar, sometimes identical, as a glance it might seem that sometimes come into conflict and even compete. The reality is that the overlap of functions and objectives should lead to a complementary, since they are not the same thing.

First, the chambers are public corporations, while business organizations are not corporations but partnerships with legal personality but also within the framework of private and not public. Second, the cameras represent, promote and defend the general interests of all businesses, each House of its demarcation, regardless of sector of activity to which they belong, their size or legal form, while business organizations only defend and represent companies that voluntarily belong to them.