What market investing and why? The investor has a wide range of possibilities, operating through Contracts for Difference.

The CFD or Contracts for Difference (from the English acronym Contracts For Difference) Form an alternative to trading traditional. A CFD is an agreement between two parties by which invests in the difference between the price of a financial asset since it makes the deal until it closes.


That is, using the CFD does not possess the financial asset but speculates that the trend will continue in the market, either bullish or bearish. By investing in CFDs the investor has to put an amount of money that is not the total of the instrument but a proportion. This margin can give you a profit of up to 20 times the initial contribution, but may also involve heavy losses.

Invest in those assets or markets that are better known

Therefore it is best to invest in those markets that have a better understanding. But which markets can operate using CFD? Obviously it all depends on each provider offer available to its customers but they are three popular markets: forex or currencies, stocks and commodities.The more knowledge you have about the market in which they wish to operate, the more advantage you will have to operate and to approach the trend will take the asset in the market. For this to be informed is a must in the trading Either in the market that is.

Currencies generate an attractive investment

The forex market is one of the most popular and attracts both individuals and large agents. For information about the state of the currency of a country must pay attention to news about your economy and politics. For example, news like that happen continually over the European crisis is a reflection of the situation that the euro is going through and when to operate with a CFD currency must be taken into account information like this to see what is the strongest currency in the bet.

On the other hand, if the investor know more deeply a particular company in a particular sector, it would be advisable to invest in shares of the company through CFDs. It is advisable to find out what has been the history of the company in recent years, its results, targets, and so on.

Raw materials, bond energies other market options

Another option offered by the CFD market are raw materials such as cocoa, coffee or sugar. In this market there are unpredictable factors that can affect crops and therefore the trend and price of these products. Renewed information on determinants such as weather, pests, etc, It is essential for this type of trading.

But the possibilities in the trading CFD do not stay here. There CFD providers offer their customers the ability to trading CFD on indices, binary types, bonds, metals, energies and elastic options, among many others.Always having a good knowledge about this type of investment and limiting the risks, the CFD can be a good alternative to trading traditional.