Your Finance Certificate in hand, a wide range of professions available to you. You can choose to become an accountant, working for a bank or insurance company, you get into counseling, exercise in academic or public.

We investigated some possibilities for you: Use of Accounting: The accounting shall ensure that the company keeps proper financial records and proper tax and contributions. They also analyze the losses and profits of the business and develop plans for further investment. Use of Auditor: The auditors analyze accounting records of their clients and prepare financial reports based on their analyzes. As it is impossible to study each piece of information, they examine a sample of documents and rely on their judgment and experience to draw conclusions.

Jobs Credit Analyst: Credit analysts help companies estimate the risk they take by credit to companies and individuals by analyzing their financial information. Use of corporate treasurer: Several years of experience are normally required to become corporate treasurer since this function is to monitor the financial aspects of operations of a company by finding the best ways to maximize profits. This involves a bit of risk management, fiscal control, accounting and corporate finance, and reporting tax. They also make a little investment management business, corporate banking, management of credit lines and cash holdings. financial consultant Job: Also called financial advisors, financial consultants are usually well aware of the laws and the range of services and financial products and insurance offered on the market. They often specialize in a particular area such as retirement planning and asset management.


Financial Specialist Job: Most financial experts working in banks, credit unions or insurance companies. They are in contact with customers and define their objectives in the short and long term. Once they have determined their needs, they offer customers various products and services such as package insurance, investment services, certificates of deposit, etc. Jobs Analyst Risk: The risk analysts , also called risk managers often work in financial institutions such as banks and investment companies. Their job is to help companies assess the financial risks they take, which are linked to capital costs and operating company. They can also work as consultants, in which case they move from one company to another. Employment trader: Traders financial advise shareholders and help manage portfolios. They identify investment opportunities and monitor the financial risks on the stock markets. Traders buy and sell bonds, stocks, futures contracts (futures) and investments in hedge funds.