The international economic turmoil shows no sign of weakness. European markets are struggling with several concurrent crises: crises of sovereign debt and banking crises. In the United States, the economic recovery remains very soft and the stock market, volatile. A number of Arab countries undergoing major political upheaval. And even when countries like China, India and Brazil show some economic growth, they still depend on trade with Western economies become, they uncertain. All this confusion obviously creates great uncertainty in the business world.

The management education must prepare young people to run a business in tumultuous times like those we know today. And all things considered, I think most schools provide education management really effective. But there is no doubt that current models will have to change, accompanying the change in the work environment in which our students live.


If one examines the health of major MBA programs in the world over the last ten years, we must recognize that they have withstood the test of the market. Many educated and experienced candidates from around the world are scrambling to get a place in the best programs. The MBA program has proved to be an international phenomenon with excellent candidates applying Grande most traded of the four corners of the globe Schools. Indeed, if in the absolute number of candidates applying to MBA programs has increased over the past decade, the number of nominations brilliant, meanwhile, further increased. It is probably even more difficult to be admitted to a popular today than it was ten years program. The fact that the best schools continue to raise their rates of admission to the standard test of general skills GMAT and other conditions of access to different classes, illustrates this competitiveness.

Side employers, graduates of the best programs are highly sought after. Tuck In the USA for example, the hiring rate of promotions in 2010 and 2011 reached 97% with regular wage increases over the years. These record figures found in other MBA programs very famous. Such employment statistics show that the best MBA candidates are highly sought after by employers.

Business schools have responded to major changes in the work environment and caused huge transformations What globalization, new technologies and innovations over the past thirty years, for example by putting ethics and social responsibility at the heart of their curriculum. In addition, MBA programs are used to integrate business functions, strategy and general management skills in their various programs and allow their students to improve many areas of specialization. Yet the question remains: Are we our best to prepare our students to world full of uncertainties and challenges ahead?