Who is that currently does not have at least one TV in your home? Practically anyone. And even those who have renounced the television still counts with at least one radio, a computer or a video phone. Well, just have at least one of these tools need to pay for the legal fees Rai . If you thought it was enough to give up the TV to not be forced to pay this tax you are wrong, because Equitable makes it clear that the only ones to be exempted are those who do not have in their homes any device capable of receiving radio signals and TV.

That situation just described, quite difficult and unlikely, since only one of the devices given above is found in all apartments. So, according to the stipulated Equitable should be very minimal percentage of people who do not pay the rent. Still, the number of those who are legally exempt from this tax is rather considerable. How is it possible? And ‘possible proving not to use these devices. And to do that you can choose between two options: to scrap or to seal the devices.


If you decide to scrapping , first you need to deliver devices at an authorized service center. Here you will be given a document to be sent to the offices Rai. They must then proceed by paying a one-time fee of € 5.16 that you made ​​out to Inland Revenue Office Torin 1 SAT TV subscriptions door rai 22 -10121 Torin. Referred to as causal “Termination subscription”, taking care to add the number of your subscription. At the same address then send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, a copy of the money order and with a form where you enter all your personal data required.

If you choose instead to suggestion, you still have to keep in mind the same address that we have reported, to send your request with cause “for termination fee number of role” and always paying a fee of 5.16 €. At this point you will have to wait the visit of the technician who will seal the device, hoping that it does not arrive.