Your precious stones are

The crisis, a need for money-off can make you want to sell your diamonds and precious stones (emeralds, sapphires, rubies).
You are in this case and you do not want to take any risk?
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E STIMATION your gems

Before any transaction, you should first consider yourselves your stones with our method. And quality diamonds must meet the canons of the said professions of “4C ‘: color / clarity / cut / carat (weight)

a) clarity

diamond color can vary from white to dark yellow crystalline. More clear your diamond is the greater its value as yellow diamonds, though sometimes beautiful, are not generally popular. This criterion often a big part of the price. Lous Ask yourself the following questions: the diamond he impurities (or occlusion) visible to the naked eye? the diamond he has impurities (or occlusion) visible to the jeweler’s loupe (magnification 10)? The price will vary depending on the answers.


c) cut

diamond has been shaped by different cuts. The most popular are round, oval, cushion, and the octagonal oval.

d) the weight

The weight of the stone is an essential criterion. The diamond carat is 0.2 grams. It leads to the stones of important thresholds. Thus a .99 carat stone worth much less than a stone of 1 carat although the difference in weight is minimal, four thresholds notable than 1 carat, 2 carat to 3 carats or more
Finally, your diamond sale will be worth more if traceability of the stone can be established. Scan and send us the certificate of authenticity and the invoice if you hold them. Do not have but is not blocking reduces the purchase price.

purchase diamond

For investors seeking investment and a beautiful piece we offer many quality gemstones for sale. Each purchase will be accompanied by a diamond certificate of authenticity.