This guide will help you find the appliance air conditioner best for your home. Portable and the central air conditioning units were not taken into account in developing this guide. Should I buy an air conditioner? If you’re looking for the best air condition repair company, you could choose  AC repair Glendale AZ .

When spring is when most people begin to think about buying an air conditioner. If you already have one, you should consider whether their performance is still optimal or whether on the contrary it is time to renew. In summer the price of the units is triggered and availability is limited so it is not a good time to buy. If your device has an EER of 8 or less, you should think about buying a new one. In the event that your old air conditioner is broken, you have no choice, you must buy one.

Buying an air conditioner

What type of air conditioner do I need?
There are air conditioners in many types: window units, wall units, portáties systems, central air conditioning units throughout the house, ducts, ceiling, etc.. A few years back window devices were predominant in the domestic market but now what rules are split systems or wall, consisting of one or more indoor units and one outdoor unit where the compressor. Ground systems, duct or plants have a greater complexity when installing so its cost is higher, something that ultimately does not usually rent for an average size home.

What features do I need?
At a minimum, should require the air conditioner adjustable thermostat available, at least two fan speeds, adjusting the air vents and optimum energy regulation to stop the fan when the unit is not cooling. It is also important that the filters are in a position that is accessible and easy to use to remove and so producer cleaning. The minimum guarantee which must require a modern air conditioner is 5 years parts and 1 year labor. Some units incorporate an electrostatic filter instead of the common filters. This is an option that will be highly valued by people who suffer from allergies.

What capacity should my air conditioner?
The capacity of an air conditioning system is measured in BTU / h (British Thermal Units per hour). A higher number indicates a higher power. For a room of about 40 square meters would be sufficient to 5000 BTU / h while for a room of 300 square meters would require about 19,000 BTU / h, a value really high. Nevertheless, the room size is not the only factor that contrubuye the calculation of capacity, there are other elements that also must be taken into account and that are important: