Having a home ownership is the dream of every person. Buy an apartment, a house or terraced means to have something of their own to spend their lives and that you can decorate the way you want. Buying a home construction is not a bad idea for those who want to buy a home at affordable prices . Let’s see how to protect themselves when you make a purchase of this kind.

Usually the houses are bought when they are already finished or finished. In recent years, manufacturers have decided to sell directly to buyers without intermediaries and from the moment of the beginning of home construction work. This allows you to buy a house priced lower than those of the market. Sometimes this situation did not turn out so positive as you might think. Very often companies involved in the construction work went bankrupt and the shipyard does not have them completed. This has meant the loss of large sums of money from all those who had invested in the purchase of their home.


It is necessary to protect themselves in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. First, it is necessary that at the time of purchase, the purchaser manufacturer releases a surety. It is issued by a bank or an insurance company and is a guarantee that certifies all money transfers and payments made ​​prior to the actual transfer of the property in the hands of the one who is buying. At a time when problems arise, the guarantee allows you to contact the bank or the insurance company to get back the amounts paid. This avoids the use of legal means to get back their money.

The manufacturer also has the obligation to take out an insurance policy indemnity ten year period to compensate for any property damage caused by construction defects All this must be put on paper at the time of signing the preliminary contract. The compromise should be recorded at the Registry Conservatoria If the manufacturer were to go bankrupt and the house under construction were to be auctioned, who has signed a preliminary agreement and has recorded the compromise law on ‘purchase in front of all the other possible buyers.