If your home, store or local small or expensive, and access to a larger one is impossible, it solves a storage room, almost without payment and with profitability.

Due to the crisis, the humble storage have become a precious commodity for both families, as substitution of a new home-, and professionals-as substitutes stores or workplaces-for vastly cheaper price. For a guide, do not forget that conveniently stored professionals moving in a storeroom of 9 meters the average size of a bedroom, can get stored belongings in a house of 120 square meters. But also, as an investment, in recent times have become safe havens with good profitability. This article explains why, and provides practical examples to justify their acquisition, both for individuals and professionals

The storage, no mortgage and small investment with good returns

In principle, it is more advisable to purchase a storage room, loft or attic, you rent it, not only because they typically experience appreciation over time, compared to a loss of the amount of the rent, but mainly because it has become in recent times safe havens . Moreover, at times the monthly rent for this type of property is higher than the monthly fees to pay, in case of using a mortgage to purchase

But the main reason for being present as requested among small investors is that the acquisition does not require an excessive disbursement, and sometimes not even require financing available personal savings. If this is added to the current lack of credit and the low profitability of banking products will be an ideal investment for anyone who is unwilling or unable to apply for a loan.


Even if acquired for rent, also becomes a good business, since profitability is usually around 5% of the cost. In the latter case, however, should not be purchased in suburbs of large cities with new homes , which usually have excess supply. By contrast, in areas central cities with old flats or apartments of small size, lack of space increases the demand for storage, so both sales prices and rents tend to be higher.

Six examples purchase family storage for lack of space

1. For economic needs, people with small savings that are forced to rent rooms in your home, so they resort to purchasing a loft to store your personal stuff without having to worry about running out of space in your home.
2. Similarly, with the arrival of new children’s home is too small for the number of tools required (changers, walkers, bath tubs, cribs, strollers and toys) and invade the house. Buying a loft for storage can amount to earn an extra room in the house.
3. Similarly, when the children grow , many marriages reserve one of their bedrooms to their sporadic visits and use the rest-saving furniture-to enlarge the living room for an office staff for a reading room or space for hobbies.
4. The same applies if the stems are divorced and returned to her parents-with or without furniture – often with grandchildren included.
5. Two other good reasons to buy them are sports and hobbies, since they can be stored in bicycles and motorcycles, camping utensils, surfboards, skis and paintings by painters.
6. With rogue even have come to convert multiple contiguous attic in a house in several rooms, to join them together.
7. Finally, some people become very experienced directly in spaces such as the sound-proof musicians to not disturb the community and keep them their instruments, while leaving a spare room in your home.

Four reasons to acquire extra meters professionals cheaper than a local

As for professionals and freelancers, in recent times also seem to have discovered the value and profitability of this type of property:

1. Currently not attending professionals with the public-and thanks to mobile-phones, acquired as a storage place of their offices or workplaces.
2. Similarly, technicians working at home, and only kept the expensive rent of premises to store the material, have resorted to buying property as storage in a storage space equally valid.
3. Many professionals (plumbers, electricians, painters …) no longer have to use your car as a storage business, because in these economic spaces have a safe and accessible place to store your tools and work material.
4. Finally, the same is true of vendors and representatives of commercial firms, for which it becomes the ideal place to order samples or catalogs of products for sale, and store everything that is not used frequently, such as defects and debris season.