The prestige brand and quality are two important premises to buy fashion items when economic conditions suggest moderate spending.

Despite many years of work in the fashion world, I forget that the overall economy has passed through moments of great uncertainty and confusion, the Spanish economic development is obvious and perhaps for that reason, a loss of state of quality of life, at this point that much more unbearable, as this crisis is generated as a result of the pursuit of social welfare .

The financial crisis

The problem of our banks is the lack of liquidity by excessive borrowing and that affects the small business owner who can not access any type of credit and therefore there is no creation of businesses and jobs. Under these circumstances the supply and demand become vulnerable and anti-commercial uses strategies that are detrimental to the buyer.


The fashion forward

Even in these circumstances, the truly determined to wear fashionable clothes, go to the offer with the means at his disposal but with the fear of purchasing items with a high risk that the case of “fashion cloned” or we understand better, fraudulent copies or replicas, this happens with handbags, shoes, watches, pants and dresses or clothing in general and especially for women, which has the highest demands a kind of fashion item, will announce with impunity in Internet and multiple pages.

An unnerving experience

In a country of so-called emerging economy in the world and in a particular tourist spot, I found the biggest showcase of clothing, handbags and brand clothes were just replicas of very low prices. Clones portfolio brand of jeans or jackets and shirts were perfect, indeed, the merchants who displayed these copies with impunity and offered ten or twenty times below their actual market value, were convinced (and so claimed) that were not such replicas.

True or false

That is, came from the same factories that produced the originals and therefore were as real as the real, they meant that the orders to those vendors, the excess to cover a black market that sent some of these garments. The fact is that, in most cases, it was impossible to distinguish from the originals. The important thing is whether it’s worth a forgery .

Buy with guarantees

In troubled times, this kind of “piracy” increases and the client is at a distinct disadvantage by not knowing if what you are buying is authentic or fake. Under these circumstances it is very important trade targeted by the buyer, trust and professionalism will be a safe purchase, but sometimes this does not work well and we accompany our purchases of other parameters.

A reliable guarantee

Quality must be guaranteed by the merchant and, if that is insufficient, an entity that is beyond doubt and whose reputation is synonymous with seriousness. Only then can we trust that what we buy is what we suppose to be.

An example to take into account

Fashion is not incompatible with the culture, rather the reverse, is a common trend that presentations, cultural events come clothed that dignify the product to present and give greater prestige.

Shop for a Museum

A new experience is being put into practice these days, institutions like the Museum of the bag in Spain, has a shop , for purposes that allow some benefits to acquire new specimens and improve the Museum, that way you do, guarantees the quality of fashion handbags that are presented. The potential customer know that a bag bought in a shop online with these characteristics, it is beyond any doubt.