You just need to buy a new car but your bank account is not so prosperous? Today the word ” savings “is mandatory for all our purchases, much less so for a major expense as that of ‘ car , where there are many of our euro to be invested. But despite our pockets are half-empty, the deal in the dealership can be really easy if you follow some precautions. Take a look at our tips to save money. We are increasingly bombarded by offers new, that are presented to us as sensational and unmissable. But the first rule to save on the purchase of ‘ self is not to be overwhelmed by the myriad of promotions and convince that every day we hear on TV or radio. We evaluate our needs first and then move on to assess with clarity the numerous and various promotions of the VMs. But let us not get anxious purchase: the rush as you know is a bad counselor. Therefore, check the details of any promotion, and keep in mind that many of these offers are then presented as a unique extended and re-proposed the following month.


E ‘then should not stop at the first dealership : If you have already chosen the ‘ car that you want to take home make sure its price in most dealerships. Sometimes, in fact, the same machine is not for sale at the same price, and you can save a little bit larger dealerships. Were then also pay attention to the method of payment, since the mini rate sometimes there can be misleading, as it is the big final installment you need to pay attention. You can also spend less if you decide to buy a car Km zero, machines that have come precisely few or zero Km, which are used but are basically new (eye, however, the change of ownership). And finally there is the real used to assess attention but that is always a guarantee of a great savings.