Skip the Linda in northern Argentina is positioned as a destination to hold meetings, conferences and trainings at national and international

The concept of “business tourism” also called business tourism related to moving people to attend conferences, conventions, fairs and exhibitions, and professional performing job duties. This sector generally complements the traditional tourism and generates genuine resources even in times of crisis.

The benefits of this approach are:

* Regulates traditional tourism seasonality
* Spending per visitor is higher than in other activities
* Promotes recreational tourism because most visitors return to the city with family, friends or colleagues.
* Generates investments in the province or city
* Create new jobs

Business tourism in Argentina

Since 2008, business tourism has grown steadily in Argentina. 200% is the figure which reflects the joint work of the public sector and the private sector through the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Tourism Marketing Meeting. In the years prior to the implementation of the Marketing Plan, Argentina was located between positions 40 ° and 36 ° in the world ranking according to the annual reports of the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association). Argentina is currently at position 20.


In addition there were other complementary actions to Plan: the launching of the First Economic Observatory of Tourism Meeting in 2010, the first statistical database segment involving all destinations of the country host events, a joint effort between the INPROTUR , Argentina Association of Organizers and Suppliers Exhibition and Conference (AOCA) and the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). The place of Argentina and the efforts have received international recognition and in 2015 Argentina will host the International Congress of the ICCA.

Why choose as their next venue Skip?

Salta, the beautiful has established itself in the international market as a favorite tourist destination and is one of the favorites to neighboring countries and even Argentine themselves. There are many reasons that make the choice key Skip to host conferences, fairs or exhibitions. Some other naturally occurred daily are improved. Among them:

* Strategically located in the North region.
* Accessibility: it has an international airport, transport connections High quality local, national and international.
* Adequate infrastructure for conducting events: hotel capacity exceeds 14,000 seats, it also has a different proposal of 43 rooms, 4 farms and over 65 rooms in hotels. This infrastructure is added to the Convention Center 700 people at the Civic Center Grand Bourg, a short distance from the city center.
* Professionalism and cordiality in all his people.
* Diversity of attraction work merging offering comfort, space to relax and invite further knowing it.
* Incentive Travel: Skip the companies who choose as a destination for this trip, achieved a unique experience for its employees.

Success of business in Santa

The tourism business is growing and Skip has become an important arena, and exclusive technology ventures totaling punts. also new alternatives with a warmth of its own. The agenda has Santa important and frequent events including: Ferinoa 2012 (on May). Also INCA (National Film Institute Argentine) Skip chose as the site for the training and support to independent producers.

Dakar 2013 and generates meetings and work in the province of Santa. Every day Congress added for professionals of different specialties, training, trade shows and meetings that impose different rates on the local landscape. Skip achieves differentiate and add value to its wide range of tourist through a successful strategy: coordinated and professional between the public and private sectors who is nourished with the strength and warmth of its people.