Business culture: “One way learned to do in the organization, which is shared by its members, consisting of a core values ​​and beliefs that are manifested in: norms, attitudes, behaviors, behaviors, how to communicate, interpersonal relationships The style of leadership, shared history, the way to fulfilling the mission and the realization of the vision in their interaction with the environment, at a given time. ”

The corporate culture today dictates the new workplace schemes, within that tone is the concept of motivation in the company, motivation understood as an internal force that leads people to take action. Motivation stimulates the worker, and because there are so many reasons it is possible that each worker is effectively stimulated.


The motivations are classified into two groups, intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. The intrinsic refer to those which belong to the individual and the reward is only understood by himself. The second group, comprising those external factors, rewards that are given by others, such as wages.

It is important to consider that between motivation and productivity can find a close connection, though not a rule, a worker repeatedly reported better results if you work in an environment where it is recognized in their work and this motivates them to improve their performance.

When a worker is satisfied with their work is able to perform the most demanding and complex tasks, because it has acquired a new attitude toward work, values, respects, and most importantly, cares to grow the company for which it works. That is why work motivation in the company must be a priority in the organizational structure of the firm. You should know how to integrate their workers, how to make them feel part of society that welcomes them, and thus get better results.

A case in which this type of motivation is carried out in the supermarket chain, here is associated with employees, making them feel the ownership of the company with your interest in working to make it grow is higher, other have motivational meetings and seeks the good atmosphere among the workers.

Then the motivation in the company should be seen as a set of stimuli that the employee feels that enhance your perception of your company as such, as an organization and as a place where you work is done and earn a fee. Some ways to motivate employees are:
* Recognition of the work and the work of the employee by the company
· Possibilities of promotion
· Attention, by the controls, the suggestions of the employee
· Stability in employment
· Possibilities of learning and training
· Involving the employee in the company
· Schedule of work
· Communication vertical and horizontal

Beyond paraphernalia seen as more of a corporate, motivation is a tool used by the capitalist for the benefit of their workers. So even psychology, sociology and other related sciences are interested in this subject in the study of human behavior, of human growth should not cause concern or suspicion to the company, it is not only a strategy to increase their productivity and thus their income, and if that can make life more pleasant for the workers, their primary source of wealth, what better than that.