Business leaders would be in better health, both physical and psychological, that employees, according to a study launched by analysis team. the Young Business Leaders and the Observatory Amarok.Presentation of results.

More than four in five managers consider themselves healthy or very healthy. 34% say ,they never even have missed the tone past 12 months.This is shown by the initial results of the study launched by team (group of social protection), the CJD (Young Business Leaders,a national network of business leaders) and the Observatory Amarok, led by the association Mont pellier researcher Olivier Torres.This survey is the first in France to be interested in the pres business leaders.


Condition s side, the executives surveyed suffer from gastric reflux (12%), hypertension (8.7%), hyper cholesterol (7.7%), arthritis (7%) and allergies (6 , 5%).They are generally affected by musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) than employees.

If the physical side, everything is going fairly well, what about the mental level? 81% of CEO`s surveyed reported never having felt depressed, or feeling isolated, beating in the face of an idea received it. 92% consider their psychological state very good or very good, against 40% for employees.One third of those surveyed feel stressed as against 45% of employees.

These differences between managers and employees can be explained by the concept of stress and strain suffered chosen analysis the researcher Olivier Torres. The contractors have chosen their status and the lifestyle that goes with it, it changes everything in terms of perceptions.If this study could show that entrepreneurship is good for you, it would be a nice message to get across,” enthused, for his part.

Stress that can come from the particular economic context including the visibility of officers on their business. They are 35% could not estimate their revenue at a horizon of six months.

Another lesson that reinforces previous studies: the leaders are big plodders.Two-thirds work more than 50 hours per week, the same proportion works six days and 60% of managers are less than three weeks vacation, 10% do not leave.One third of them have difficulty balancing professional and personal lives, a figure that reached 36% for women leaders.

Consequences of this lack of time

The bosses do less sport and go to the doctor less often than employees.Thus, only 9% of managers are physically active light every day against 17% of employees. 35% do not even sport.Three out of ten business leaders are not regularly monitored by their GP, against 21% of employees.

This epidemiological study (700 employed persons surveyed in October 2011) is compared with the study “Health Business / Management Health Measure,performed annually.with 3500 employees private sectors.It is supplemented by another survey conducted over three years.The latter is based on a series of monthly interviews conducted with hundreds of entrepreneurs volunteers since May 2011. Go two and a half years for the results of this monitoring.