Promoting innovation, simplification of procedures, pragmatic business sense.

When the Frogs pact with roasts ,The old quarrels of the past have no reason to be in the business world.Every year, hundreds of companies across the Channel lights and settle in the UK. Currently, more than 2,000 French companies located there, employing 33 000 employees,

According to data from UKTI, London, and by extension the UK, represent the second largest investment of French companies abroad. Preferred sectors?Those services, technology, information and communication, software and everything related to research and development.


A place where innovation is kin

Thanks to generous public support local, R & D has widespread local support. “The British love taking risks linked to innovation. It’s almost part of their culture,Many clusters swarm in the UK. Tech is the case of City of London, a sort of division dedicated to high technology, which expands gradually to the east of the city. Over 300 companies of all nationalities, there are already established. So if you have a product or service with high added value in terms of innovation in, you have all your odds. Another highlight of Britain: its administrative and fiscal flexibility.This makes starting a business easy. Count one day to build your structure,Open a bank account, choose the legal form of its business,Everything is done online or through call centers. If so dematerialization scares you and you do not want to be caught off guard, do advise you throughout your career UK, particularly through networks dedicated to the export of French SMEs,You can also use accountants or use the services of local lawyers, who understand the intricacies of the steps.Their expertise will be also of great help when you write contracts (employment, rental, delivery, etc.). Because only what is stated in those documents shall prevail in case of dispute.

Finally, note that the UK has a few features and tax, such as exemption from accounting or greater flexibility in the annual accounts.

Similarly, the corporate tax is relatively low: between 21 and 28% of turnover.This is one of the lowest in Europe.

A market victim of its success?

Of course, to put the odds of success on your side, know also respect the customs of the country. Made efforts to speak the language of Shakespeare. Also remember to prepare your presentation during your business meetings.A lack of clarity could affect your project.

The English people are rational and pragmatic, with an unstoppable sense of logic. “They are very organized people who want the concrete and do business quickly.This preparation will also help you stand out, as many entrepreneurs to try their luck on British soil. “Since this is a very open market, competition is very strong in Britain.

So treat your market research, possibly bet on niche products and especially put forward your expertise.