Some business trends to create medium and long term are inclined sectors as technology, security, consulting, health and beauty.

Having a business is important, but even more, to keep looking. That means to succeed and to achieve it must have deep knowledge of how the market is moving, and trends in the medium and long term. According to Javier Santos, expert training of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), internet and new technologies are producing phenomena that are changing the way we do many professional activities and that directly affects consumption patterns. For this transformation in the sectors there is a type of business trends that may prove to be the most profitable for the future.

Technology: Anyone who dares to create a virtual assistance company, to develop web applications and mobile applications have business opportunities. Digital advertising companies, the creation of specialized platforms and online sales of all types of products are also on the technological wave secure future business.


Home Security: The company responsible for the design and manufacture of alarm systems have not stopped position. There are always requests to create complex electronic networks of protection for homes, businesses and industries. Included in the group are private security companies, generating employment through work per shift. If such a firm is required to carry out surveillance on a building with a single goal, at least should hire three men.

Consulting : Globalization has forced new and old companies that increasingly require the services of professionals who advise on issues ranging from legal issues to export and import, to issues of local culture. Any investment that a company wants to do from abroad or requires recruitment of competent staff that knows and can identify the pros and outs of the place.

Beauty: The therapy centers for relaxation, sports centers, gyms, and those specialized business more natural food products are booming. Advertising on body care and good nutrition have managed to influence a lot of people are increasingly spending more time pampering. In the market there are millions of organic products, but even so, is still a virgin. An example of this type of resistance businesses gave Spain a study which revealed that despite the crisis is one of the least affected and has become an economic engine.