A small competition between commercial sales and leave even more.The challenges give a boost to business and titillate the conquering spirit of your team.

Create emulation:

As soon as one uses a small team of business, it is legitimate to put them in competition, the firm’s business training pour. A challenge creates an emulation and values ​​employees, who appreciate that we organize an operation for them.

Several scenarios can take you there:

It may be to regain the momentum of sales over traditional hollow boost a product launch or to give a boost to the business when it runs out of steam,continues In September, you find that you are in the red on your annual goals?doubles pour retard. This is an opportunity to launch a small contest, complete with a motivating reward, to encourage your team to work extra hard to catch up.coup moral troupes. The incentive will then serve as a boost in activity, You can also enjoy a trade show.

The goal will be, for example, to collect a maximum of qualified contacts”, shows Cray, manager of consulting firm Business Development .indirect services challenge est excellent Finally, if you work indirectly, that is to say that you distribute your products or services through resellers, or if you use, the challenge is a great way to encourage the network to recommend your offer over another.

communication “The more malls are scattered graphically, the greater the need to motivate them, let alone if they work with several suppliers,” says Nicolas director of the agency . pour Specifically, you must set a goal for your operation. Which indicator would you act The margin? The penetration rate in a specific market, The challenge must stick to your business strategy and serve your current priorities.

Construct the variable pay policy of a sales team is to answer two requirements create the motivation but also boost the results of the company. Here are tips to follow to meet this challenge.