Jesus Plywood, vice president and president of the CEOE and the CEPYME respectively, reporting the need to remove the bridges in working days.

How they affect productivity holidays:

Redistribute the holidays

The management has set its goal on the table, move the holiday to Friday or Monday in order, first, to eliminate long bridges.In an internal document CEOE, Mentions that it is not literally to abolish parties, if not rationalized. The reasons for the employer, are based on several assumptions. First, the CEOE considers that Fridays and Mondays are the least productive days of the week.


It may be true, but should be studied in depth, if the low productivity of Monday, there would be shifted to Tuesday, if Monday is holiday.In recent days, several sources have estimated the cost employers bridge the Constitution in more than one billion Euros, this is not correct if the calculation is made comparing the bridges, to the days of strike or absenteeism.The number of hours worked annually, is not altered or reduced because of the bridges, hours recovered, not hours lost.

Job performance

Another argument that we have heard recently, by the employer, in the media is to build bridges, generate lengthen the school day to recover and this is the daily surcharge, where productivity is lost because of accumulated fatigue. again this is a reasonable argument, if it were, overtime would be unthinkable.

The reality is that time to recover increased daily hours, minutes and should not be a significant amount of time, as well as measurable in terms of fatigue.Seems certain that the products generated in the daily elongation is less than that achieved in the hours of normal hours.Put another way, five minutes a day, productively speaking, are not noticeable, but whole days together. However, it should analyze the reasons that cause this differential productive.

Productive organization

Recognizing that generates little recovery time productivity, We must recognize that in many cases, is attributable to the lack of organization of production and this is something that has to solve the employer by investment.

Production times must be measured and the production time per piece, must be completely located within them. Thus, the resulting product will be defined. A long work, so many pieces made, the absence of productive management plans and measurement of time, fatigue should not disguise employment or otherwise, we are not solving the problem if it be patched.
The productive paradox


Change the holidays to Mondays and Fridays, by decree, means it will pertain to all companies in the country, be it in to be, but how these changes affect certain businesses? We refer to restaurants, travel agencies, airports and many more.The business sector linked to tourism, like it or not, is a productive engine of our state and these changes would be significantly harmed.

The paradox of production can lead to truly peculiar cases, companies are totally favorable to bridges exist yet, your employees will never have that privilege, for example catering business.The contradiction, you can go even further, companies in which employees linked to production, are in a position of ease and they can work in the commercial process no.So given the importance of domestic tourism has in Spain, it seems that the smartest thing is that each company acts according to their interests, without imposing conditions that may be affected.

In this case, we take the example of production to other European countries, where tourism is a major production engine, our reality is another.We have plenty of time, hearing in the media and opposition parties that President Shoemaker. He has sinned improvisations when finding practical solutions to the crisis we are experiencing, it seems that these, far from functioning have achieved the opposite effect.Bad thing is, the CEOE begin to propose social representations of the same nature.